Hey everyone, this is so on point. I love it. And it seems like these teachings are getting better and better by the minute!

Before I give you the video and the transcript I have this for you; which also comes from Bashar. He coined the phrase; ‘Circumstances don’t Matter, only State of Being Matters.’

He explains that it means even more than you’d guess at first glance, namely that circumstances don’t materialise things, they don’t create energy to take on form = matter. Your State of Being creates everything into form, into matter.

And we already know this from Abraham Hicks, Neville, Seth and the other Gods. Everything is first energy and alive as energy and as probabilities in Framework 2 before it pops into Framework 1 which is our 3d experience or physical reality.

So the State creates, as you know. Your State of Consciousness creates. And how do you create the easiest life experience and in the most impeccable way? By not invalidating, by not reacting, by keeping your energy depolarised, by staying in the middle from which you can see both options [the power is in the paradox] and then choosing what you prefer.

You might want to start an argument and list all the situations in your life and in the world that are too sad, too sick, too hardcore, too ……

And to that I say; What you focus on expands. Seth teaches that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs create, Abraham says you can’t get there from there, don’t tell it like it is, tell it like you want it to be, Bashar says that what you put out is what you get back and Neville tells us to use the pruning shears of revision on everything that you don’t like/

Now I trust you get the point. If you want to change any horrible situation [which is only horrible because you judge it to be horrible, everything is neutral from the perspective of the Universe / God ] you have to divest it of your attention.

That is an important rule of creation, so don’t shoot the messenger.

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Scroll down to see and read what I have been leading up to.

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The only reason why you would choose to invalidate something you don’t prefer is if you have a belief that it is somehow more powerful than you are at deciding what you prefer. Because if you have to invalidate it then you’re saying you have to have extra protection, you have to somehow shun it and push it away. But there is nowhere to push anything to. Imagine that, because everything is actually here and now that the walls of existence are right here

[places hands next close to his face about shoulder with apart]

and if there’s a big spring on the wall and you push against that spring, the only thing you’re doing is building up energy in that spring by denying it and pushing it away so at some point that energy is going to build up so much so powerfully that it is going to pop back at you. It has no choice because it has nowhere else to go. This is what invalidation does. But if you simply validate everything, then the springs just sit there.

And you go, well ok, there is this negative spring and there’s this positive spring and they’re just sitting there and I’m not going to give you … energy, I’m just going to choose what I prefer. This is what I prefer, that’s it. There’s no charge on it, this is simply a recognition of what I prefer. That’s it. And then you act in that direction. And that’s all there is to it.

Invalidation charges the thing you don’t prefer. Because it’s a negative energy. So if you don’t prefer a negative thing, why would you feed it, more negative energy by invalidating it? You’re just feeding it and when you feed something it will grow.

Don’t feed it.

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