Taken from the book I’m writing; M is for Magic

Once you understand the SYMBOLIC nature of physical reality, then you will no longer feel entrapped by it. You have formed the SYMBOLS, and therefore you can change them.

You must learn, of course, what the various SYMBOLS mean in your own life, and how to translate their meaning.


Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by snakes. It started with a paralysing fear and having many nightmares about these larger than life creatures. At one point I wasn’t allowed to watch nature-series with her anymore, her fascination, because of the effect the appearance of snakes would have on my dreams.

As I grew older, I was still very afraid of them, but I found myself admiring them too. Their skin, their colours, their eyes, the way they moved, what they were able to do with their bodies and how strong they were.

One ex-boyfriend of mine, who was a very intuitive man gave me cobra venom once, when I was to leave for Australia for a month, in the form of globules. I asked him why, his answer was that he heard the message and that I should just take it. 

I had a dream about a beautiful black snake for a couple of nights in a row when I was staying in Holland, during my Berlin time. Shortly after I had been asked by Lynn to dog sit her dogs in Portugal, I told you about this in ‘Fausto and the free trip to Portugal’. I was sitting often outside of the van, overlooking the beautiful hills. Next to the van a wooden door was placed in the high grass. I don’t know why really, it was just there. I could sense a presence but since there were two dogs and I knew that they would bark if something was off, I felt safe. 

One day I made a sudden movement while sitting outside of the van in my chair enjoying the sun when this massive black snake jumps over this door and quickly slithers away.

Wait, WHAT?! Chills ran down my back and I was even more startled when I realised it had been the black snake from my dreams.

Then, in a regression session about 7 years later and a recent shamanic journey a humongous black snake appeared and I knew in both instances it was her, again. And know I recognise her to be a counterpart of mine, my guide, my strong and flexible rock and I call her, for now, Shekinah.

Now what does this mean? According to Seth symbols are very personal to us. And to me snakes mean; Transformation, resilience, they go the distance. They are strong, they are patient. The lose their complete skin and they are able to ingest big chunks of food at once.

They stand for sexuality, medicine, bravery, intuition, vision and all that is good actually.

Lastly the dormant snake at the base of the spine, is known as the Kundalini [=coiled] ‘Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine, in the muladhara [=root chakra]. It is an important concept in Śhaiva Tantra, where it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine or the formless aspect of the Goddess’

When you grow through the process that’s called life and you unblock the different chakra’s or main energy centres that are placed along your spine the Kundalini can uncoil and rise up assisting you in awakening.

All of this is collective symbolism and as such it has validity and truth to it. But, we all have to check for ourselves if it feels true in our own bodies.

My Snake, my serpent lady love, my Shekinah stands for potential, transformation, awakened and freed sexuality.

 If you have strong affinity with snakes, it might means something completely different for you.

And this, this is the ode to my Serpent.

Questions? I’d love to answer them, simply write me;

With love,


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