Based on the teachings of Seth and Bashar.

While it seems there are some discrepancies between the messages of both teachers, I kinda sorta see them as a semantical difference and I choose to go beyond their message. When you decide to keep an open mind too, it will give you the benefit of the deeper message.

Bashar – Higher Mind, Physical [personality] Mind and Physical Brain

Bashar says, the Higher Mind conceives, the physical brain receives and the the physical personality mind perceives. This means that the Higher Mind creates the information, the physical brain downloads the information and the physical mind connects the dots backwards. It is a two way street. It has to be, otherwise how does the Higher Mind know what information to send?

This also explains why certain Brain waves – gamma – are very beneficial for us to be in, it puts the brain in a clear receptive mode. And as you know meditation is one way to get your brain into the gamma state.

“Gamma brain waves have the highest frequency among all brain waves. They are associated with high levels of thought and focus.”

Seth – Entity, Consious Mind, Inner Self, Outer Self

Seth uses different terminology and explains it somewhat different. He also says that there are no divisions, but for the sake of explanation he divides us into the formentioned parts. The inner self is connected to the entity the whole entity and is also the one that is responsible for the materialisation of things in 3d reality. We are always, the whole of us that is, residing in the spacious present = Framework 2, and there is where we try experiences on for size before we have them enter into our physical reality. The outer self is the ego and the conscious mind is part of the ego and always portrays an accurate picture BUT it is our ego that might get in the way with it’s beliefs which colour the perception, obviously.

Seth and Bashar explain it slightly different and don’t get me started on Abraham Hicks lol. For the sake of clarity and not to get my and your brain in too much of a knot ….What matters is State of Being, not Circumstances. And what matters is that WE, You and I stay out of the “how” of things.

The how is not our job. Our job is our vibration, our trust, our light, choosing love over fear time. To stay in the middle when it comes to ideas, to not let ourselves be polarised by any information. The information we think in the privacy of our minds, or the information we read or hear from other sources. It is up to us to validate everything without reacting emotionally to any of it and then to choose our preferred reaction from a point of ease, from the now moment, and release limiting beliefs.

Bashar says that reality is inherently meaningless, and we give everything meaning based on our beliefs.

We’re almost coming to the point of this post, and this clip from Joe Rogan inspired it. I love what he shares here and I love to look at things through the filter of the Seth and Bashar teachings:

Where does inspiration come from?

SO. What Inspires YOU to do anything? To Be someone completely different than you were yesterday? Or to continue in the direction that you felt inspired to start in?

Bashar and Seth both teach us that there is no continuity to reality. Seth has a very funny way of saying it. He says that there is no more continuity to physical reality than let’s say the color yellow.

Bashar teaches us that from moment to moment we are a completely different person and he likens our physical reality to a filmstrip. Every strip is a complete finished world, scene, person, whatever is on that strip. The next strip on the filmstrip is a completely different reality again, and so on.

The brain is camouflage and helps us glue things together. The brain makes cheese out of it, and gives us the experience of 3d linear time physical reality. BUT. AND. It is camouflage. [Seth]

Whenever you receive information, no matter if it is based on victim hood and leads you down a path of feeling more sorry for yourself, OR if it’s based on victor hood and leads you down a path of accomplishments that your family / society deems amazing. To the Universe it is all equal because it doesn’t judge. Judging is reserved for 3D and for the human part of the experience.

The Universe, God, Allah, All That Is, Kali, whoever you believe in and whatever you want to call them, only hears one thing; DESIRE, WISHES.

And it hears it based on the intention that is behind what you say you want and gives you the outcome that you wish for. Let me explain:

Saying I want love when it comes from the experience of not having love in your life will give you more of the experience: NOT-LOVE.

Wishing for more money coming from the experience of not having enough money in your life creates: NOT-ENOUGH-MONEY.

Wishing for more money coming from an experience of enjoyment, inspiration, sharing, supporting, a high vibing YEAHAA state will create the experience: MORE MONEY.


The million dollar question…. Who or what nudges you to go in a certain direction? To watch that video, read that blog [this blog] follow that teacher? Because obviously the Higher Mind doesn’t just randomly throw ideas into your reality. There is a logic to this, for us humans complex, system. And that is this:

Your future Self is nudging you towards itself. That future Self can be a bum, or that future Self can be a champ. Both means expansion for the Universe, which is its only goal. And it doesn’t matter really what you choose. Expansion is expansion.

Now there is built in ‘protection’. You won’t feel good in your physical body when you choose the victim time line, and it will feel freeing when you choose the victor time-line. In the end, it is the entity’s free will as to which way it chooses to go. And it can change its DESIRE at any time.

There is no wrong choice ever. For the 3D experiencer yes. But in reality there is only choice. There is free will to be whoever you want to be. It might start out as really bad and then go to really good. And these rags to riches, victims to victor stories usually make for amazing and inspirational heroes journeys. And that might be a topic for a different blog.

For now this was it. See you all very soon. 

With much love.


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