Paekakariki, New Zealand, 28th of April 2023 

A recent account of all the signs and synchronicities in my life. This post is meant to awaken in you that you are part of a larger tapestry than you can see. And You is guiding you. Your Higher Self is guiding the down to earth Self.

Note; The explanation and the meaning that I give to the symbols are very personal to me and my life. This Game of Life is knowing ourselves and knowing how the one on the mountain top is communicating to the one in the valley. Meaning, you can use this post as an inspiration to examine the things that happen in your own life more closely. It might be that some of these signs and symbols are very present in your own life, and they might mean the same, they might not. That is for you to know. There is nobody that can ever tell you what anything means, just like there is nobody that can create anything in your life unless you give them permission to do so.

The definition of Synchronicities, number 13, number 4, Cybo

I learned through Bashar, that number 13 which adds up to number 4, stands for synchronicities. For Cybo. The Essasani people, the planet where Bashar is from, created a game of synchronicities and the Grand Master of that game, the one that won the most numbers in a row was Cybo, number 13. I have been inundating myself with the teachings of Bashar, I have been diving into his Sacred Circuitry signs, and ever since then my synchronicities have gone to a whole new level.

Some examples

I saw a living heron in one of the cute little towns I am staying close to, the day after I see a statue of a heron on a building. This morning I thought about Hawkes Bay, a car had a name advertised on it with the letters HB in front, the men sitting at the table next to me while I write this post are talking about Hawkes Bay. I see rainbows everywhere, on postcards, on schools, I receive pictures, I see them in real life. Every single day since weeks in linear time I have been seeing at least one rainbow a day.

I recently saw a video about the health benefits of dandelions. Today walking to the train station I the thought popped into my head and I decided to eat the raw flower of a dandelion. The first thing I see after eating this flower is Angel Number 111 on a mailbox, about a minute later I see a car drive by with number plate 111. I checked my Whatsapp to see if I had received any messages, while I had decided not to check Whatsapp for the next month. I received a message at 111.

As I said I was on my way to the train station, I hadn’t checked the time table the train that I needed was arriving, so I could jump on immediately to go to my planned destination. When I arrived at the platform, the bookstore was just opening. I walked passed the bookstore and felt drawn to walk back

What does this mean to me?

Before I go into the meaning of it all for me, I give you this idea from Bashar. He says that life is inherently meaningless. Whatever we give to anything is the meaning it will have in our lifes. WE create our lives, by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about anything.


From Sacred Circuitry; 15 Manifestation

This symbol from Bashar’s Sacred Circuitry. It is number 15 Manifestation. And Bashar says this about the sacred circuitry; you can use it as a permission slip to allow you to rewire your brain. Manifestation is nothing more than perceiving THAT which you were not able to perceive before. Everything is here and now, and the things that you perceive, you perceive because you are in the vibrational frequency that allows you to perceive these things.

Sacred Circuitry Bashar

Vibration is the Name of the Game

All Things, All Experiences, All Version of People and Places….Are only A Matter of Vibration. When you are in a state of gratitude, ease, grace, joy and fun, you will experience grace, joy, ease and fun. Whoever is not joining you there, is not a match to that state. Either allow these people to naturally fall away and let others step in by creating a vacuum where they can enter, or allow your re-creation of the person or the situation to appear in 3D whenever it is time and enjoy it already in your mind. Remember that hurry and rush is lack. Being unhappy where you are, is creating more of the same. Every moment you are creating Some Thing. You can not not. And since the Point of Power is Now and at any moment you can change your Mind and thus who you are and what you are experiencing. It does not matter one wit what you thought a moment ago, what you did yesterday, and what you messaged or emailed or what not. Forget about it, take your emotion out of it, say; Who Cares, and create something new and happy and colourful. You do not have to stay attached to a version of yourself that you decided to be yesterday.

Current Practices

What I do to get myself feeling connected, to get myself on the path and unto the road where I believe I need to be is different at any moment in time. Depending on where I am, who I am with and what I feel drawn to. At this moment these are , my practices and my food choices. Food is an important part of it for me. I noticed a strong correlation between how I eat and drink, how I feel as a consequence and what shows up in my experience. Neville Goddard taught me about the ‘Pearl of Great Price’ for me personally, being mindful of what I eat – which isn’t always considered healthy – is the way to go.

So what do I eat & drink? I started drinking ceremonial cacao every morning instead of coffee. At days the first thing in the day I drink is cellery juice and I eat// drink a green smoothie daily too. I eat increasingly less simple carbohydrates and processed sugars. I have a 16/8 hour IF window.

I exercise daily. A Walk uphill, Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Dancing, exercises like push-ups or a combination of all of it. It’s no effort for me to do anything physically challenging. I like to be strong and I love to get stronger physically and mentally.

I also have a daily meditation practice. I even do that in the morning when I have my cacao, or in the afternoon/evening and sometimes even more. Being consciously silent is one of my favourite things to do.

I think of things I would love to create deliberately most days. And what I do here is that I imagine me already having that, being there, or experiencing that. Not for too long thought, I guess about 8 minutes max.

For the last couple of months I have been seeing the Pacific Ocean almost daily. I get up most days with sunrise and have also been dong sunsets.

To Conclude

I AM in a phase of my life that I have surrendered to my inner nudges. They haven’t let me down, I always have money, I always have amazing places that I live at, even when I haven’t planned any of them long in advance and now I’m even staying for free close to the beach with a view to the hills and the ocean. It’s a simple and amazing house, with a lovely man, a brother from another mother and this feels like it’s again a next level of creation.

How do I do this? How do I create this and what do the signs and synchronicities have to do with this? I trust, I allow, I follow the inner nudges and I stopped listening to my fear. When I am experiencing these signs and synchronicites it is a confirmation for me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Until Next Time. With So Much Love,

Victoria Monique

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