Pukerua Bay, New Zealand, 2nd May, 2023

A Healthy Obsession

So, there is this man that you could say I am obsessed with, however it is a healthy obsession. How is that? He has the demeanour of a living buddha, the voice of a male Angel, and he has so far accomplished amazing feats.

It is my believe that he has read this book from front to back and from back to front many times. I base this on a couple of things; 1. The video I have seen, which is a sneak peak of the production of one of the greatest songs of all times, 2. The title of his recently released book is used in this particular book which is a combination of words I haven’t seen used in that way before his book release, 3. The fact that this individual was very much into magic as a child, 4. An intuitive hunch that I have.

And that’s why I decided to make this book into an audio. While I do not necessarily agree with all that the book has to say, I love the main gist of it AND I love the poetic way of expressing of this individual. I Love that it was written a long time ago; 1888 and I love how many synchronicities I have experienced with this book and since this book.

It is not surprise that I love the teachings of Seth and Bashar, so what I will do as soon as I have finished recording the whole book, and have edited it into listen size pieces, is I will add commentary either in written text on my blog or as an audio to the audio that I will share with you guys.

Let’s see what wants to be. 

For now, I have this beautiful piece from Magic White & Black by Franz Hartmann that I want to and will share with you in text and underneath is an audio snippet of this text.

To recognise the divinity in humanity is to become divine; to behold the realisation of the highest ideal within one’s own soul is divine adoration; to desire not the possession of any creature, but to adore the Creator within them all, including oneself, is worship; to recognise and enjoy the harmonies of the universe manifested in nature is divine praise; to let the unity of will, thought, and law be restored within one’s soul is true meditation; to rise above the illusion of self and sacrifice oneself to the God of All is true prayer; to realise the truth within one’s own heart is to dispel the clouds of error; to become nothing oneself is to enter into that higher self-consciousness which constitutes man’s divine state.

Franz Hartmann, Magic White & Black
Magic White & Black

When will it be finished? I am not sure, whenever the time is right. You can go ahead and start reading the book on Kindle already, or you wait until I upload it on my YouTube. This is the first part of it. Subscribe to stay up to date.

When you decide to read it, give yourself the command that you will only take from it THAT which serves you.  As I mentioned there is some amazing knowledge in there, and in addition there are some limiting believe-provoking material.

And if you have any questions about the material, that you would like for me to discuss, make notes and share the with me. It is my pleasure to assist you in uncovering the meaning within the meaning.

See you very soon!

With so much love,

Victoria Monique,

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