The Netherlands, Hoorn, 7-6-2023

It’s about doing it for it’s own sake because it’s your passion.

Not other reason. We give you, share with you, all these ideas information and perspectives because it is our passion and our pleasure to do so.

What you do with it is none of our business. 

It’s not a goal, don’t make it conditional, bring it into the present. You’re just doing what you do. That’s it! It WILL Have the impact it needs to have. You don’t even have to know what impact it is having, to know that it’s having impact for no other reason than it’s something you wish to share. This goes hand in hand with the concept we call; “There are no one-sided coins.” Have you heard us talk about this? The idea is that if you have a coin, you have the head, if you have the head, you have to have the tale, otherwise there is no coin. 

So if any of you truly have a gift to give there HAS to be someone waiting to receive it or you wouldn’t be excited about giving it because there would be no point. 

I trust this serves you immensely. With much love, Victoria-Monique

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