The Netherlands, Hoorn, 6-6 2023

Nylus Nylund

I’m not gonna lie, this sucks. Balls. But, and, that’s why I started this water fast in the first place. Somehow to me it feels like I’m missing out on life when I’m doing the easy thing, taking the easy route. I always feel so much better and more expansive when I’ve done something that I thought was impossible for me to do.

Why did I choose to do this? Well, it is one of the things I never thought I could do and I’ve started it a couple of times in the past only to fail miserably and to abort before I was even at the 24 hour mark. I can remember the last time I tried it I was so dizzy and felt so sick that I stopped pretty soon after I started. Which is not the complete part of my why, I will share that at a later point.

Now I realise and understand that all of the things I have been drawn to, foodwise, in the months and years before have been inspired by my wish to complete a water fast. Of course I have other dreams that you can call bigger, however this is one of the things high on the list of things to do before I die.

So what are these food-things? Intermittent fasting is one of them, that made me realise I could actually function pretty well on no food for an extended time frame. I stopped drinking coffee and most recently, I decided to cut most of the fast and toxic sugars out of my diet. I still have one tablespoon of coconut sugar in my first drink of the day; ceremonial cacao from Seleno Health and I eat buckwheat flour and coconut flour.

Ok at this moment I’m not eating anything, but water and tea, I allow myself these foods when I am eating. And in addition 95% of the things that I do eat are real foods, meaning I can see what it is and they are not processed into something that my dopamine receptors love so much that I can’t stop myself from eating it. Which actually now to me is a sign that I shouldn’t be eating it. My body gives a very clear signal when it’s full when I eat foods that are not spruced up with what nots and I’m better off not eating. I had hazelnuts the other day which I couldn’t stop eating so I knew it was a no go for the future. Whenever I eat raw almonds, I just stop when I’ve had enough.

This way of eating, and cutting out addictive foods helped immensely with curbing the carb flu that is a fact whenever you do any type of fast. If you’ve ever done intermittent fasting and /or cutting out fast sugars then you know what I’m talking about.. It really feels like you have a flu and it is the detoxification of your body. I decided to stop sugar after I realised I had a food addiction. I am by no means over weight and actually have a pretty hot body. But I was constantly thinking about food and also afraid to eat. Which is not healthy at all, I didn’t trust myself around food and would never feel satisfied until I ate the whole block of chocolate after which I would feel guilty and nauseous.

I’m doing the current water fast for a couple of reasons and I already wrote down my why in preparation for this fast about 2 weeks ago. I wrote down what I would do when the going gets tough and what people and words inspire me when I need it the most.

In the end I even started earlier than planned because I was so ready to start. I still had a birthday party to attend where I did not binge on anything that I promised I wouldn’t eat again. You can imagine that I was really proud of this feat, as a former food-addict. To me this means that I’m already a big part into my future self, also I’m pleased that I did start sooner, a day sooner, it was time and I was ready and now it means I’m already 2 days in instead of one day.

I will share more as the days go by, for now this is all I’ve got for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on monique@moniquebjagroe.com For now, ciao.

With much love, Victoria-Monique

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