The Netherlands, Hoorn, 8th June 2023

Aiony Haust

You have heard that the Universe wants to expand, that is it’s goal and since we are made of the Universe or God it is our goal too. Expansion. When do you expand? I can speak for myself, I expand when I go beyond my comfort zone.

When I do things that I don’t like to do, but I feel inspired to do so I do them, and when I come out at the other side I am frikkin proud of myself and I feel different. Expanded. The question is do you want to be normal or do you want to be outstanding and you get to choose every moment what it is going to be.

Take for instance your body, something that I’m really interested in and always have been as long as I can remember is the form, shape and looks of my physical body. Don’t worry the spiritual is a big part of my practice and obviously I don’t have to answer to any of your worries, but somehow I do care what you think so there’s that.

Back to my point. I have always cared a great deal about how I look and I have been in my perfect body multiple times, only to slip into an unwanted version of me when I didn’t pay attention. While there are muliple ways to Rome, for instance Patricia Bisch wrote a book “Freedom from Food” which I read and I even interviewed Patricia on this method and her book, this method never worked for me. In short Patricia imagined herself thin, and it worked for her without changing her diet. I do believe that this is possible, and to be honest it doesn’t suit me.

I’m of the school of hard knox, it doesn’t have to be extremely hard but only imagination and no difficult action doesn’t feel like expansion to me. My Soul’s purpose is linked to doing difficult things, things that scare the crap out of me and I think are impossible for me to accomplish. Like the current water fast turned juice fast after 92 hours of only water and tea. Why I changed over to juicing was a clear signal from my body that it was enough.

And because part of the fast has to do with my appearance, the other part is mental strength, I decided to stay with a fast and one that does nourish this beautiful vessel. This post is meant as an inquiry for yourself, do you want to be normal or do you want to be outstanding. Compared to YOURSELF. Not compared to me or your neighbour or that beautiful woman/man in your Yoga class. Compared to you.

Are you stepping into the future version of you that is outstanding? Or are you stepping into the future version of you that is normal, average, one that you’re actually not happy with being? The choice is always yours, and you can get there by understanding that awesomeness comes at a price, a price of persistance, character and mental strenght. And the price you’re willing to pay, will determine your outcome.

I trust this post was valuable to you because you found it. I would love it if you’d share it with another loved one that is a fan of expansion by simply copying the link to this post and copying it into your email, or Whatsapp, or your other media of choice.

With much much love,


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