Hoorn, The Netherlands, 15th June, 2023

Thinking with your head and feelings in your body = conversing with God, Experiencing synchronicities = God talking back.


My last weeks are an interweaving of the most unimaginable synchronicities. I will give you a couple of examples and then I will get to the juice, why you are here clearly.

Let’s start with today and yesterday. I woke up at exactly the time that I needed to get out of my bed, even though the alarm didn’t go; 5.15

I went outside so early to watch the sun rise and commune with it, it’s THE BEST initiation you can gift yourself. When I was back home I was listening to a meditation of my new mentor. In the first Zoom call with her yesterday she answered a question of mine and told me that I am a Grid Worker. Even though I had heard the term before, I hadn’t considered that I was one so I decided to look up the word. I was listening to one of the meditations of my mentor while I was looking up Grid Worker at the same time on Facebook, at the moment the groups pop up and I read the words she says Grid Worker at that exact time. 

Some hours later I am on my way to a Yoga class, I decided to try this new one since the offer in Hoorn where my mom lives is not too flashy like in Amsterdam for example and I am listening to an audio book, I check my phone to see how much longer I need to go, I have exactly 9 minutes to go and then I will be arriving at 9:09.

When I take the turn to go unto another road I think of Santiago de Compostella and that I should walk it. When I arrive in the space, and we all sit down and listen to the , for me new, teacher. He has an announcement to make, next year he will be walking …Santiago de Compostella….

On my way home from the Yoga class through the little village I drove through last time I guess thirty something years back … I pass a house with the name ‘Hendriks’ on the wall. That’s funny, I think, Sandrijn one of my best friends’ husbands last name is Hendriks. I did not take a picture and can’t be bothered to go back. Three minutes later my phone rings; Sandrijn.

The list is endless, and this was just one morning in the life of. I will give you one more example. I joined my new mentoring group recently after having decided to leave another group that didn’t resonate with me. It took me some weeks to make the decisions, and while it didn’t make sense, I hardly new the people so why did I already decide to go …I did feel it was the right thing to do. On this new call the topic is about food, and how it is important especially in the days leading up to the solstice – which will happen next week the 21st of June, it is the 15th of June as I’m typing this part. It so happens that exactly on the day of me joining the mentorship I had the thought that I should make more of a ritual of my food preparation and eating. And lastly, she talks about how especially foods like spirulina are beneficial for what we will be going through in the weeks to come.

Guess what I have been eating again since a few days, adding it to my nice cream banana breakfast? You know it.

Ok one more, because it is so much fun. Today I forgot to write my morning pages and got to it when I came back from my cute Yoga class. I bought the A4 bird filled lined paper block, birds on the cover obviously, in New Zealand and I still had exactly three blank sides left. Guess how many morning pages I [have to] write every morning? Yep. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if me writing morning pages contributes to me being able to listen better to what the one on the mountaintop has to say, thus resulting in even more Synchronicities. Morning pages is something that comes from Julia Cameron’s book; The Artist’s Way. I haven’t listened to much else from the book yet, I have it on Audible, but apparently it is one that any self respecting artist should have.

So go get yourself one. Since YOU are an artist TOO. We all are. Artists of Life.


So then WHAT IS synchronicity and HOW can you create more of it. IF that is even possible. 

This is what of our greats has to say about Synchronicity; Carl Jung;

It is an attempt to come up with an explanation of highly improbable coincidences between events where there is no causal link. It is based on the premise that existing physics and mathematics cannot explain such things.

Carl Jung

Einstein said this [about coincidence, but kinda same same but different] that it’s God’s way of remaining Anonymous

I had not expected to ever, but here I am doing it anyway, quote Deepak …. Synchronicity is the “organizing ability of pure consciousness.”.

I know that everything has meaning, to us personally. We cannot ever have anything mean anything in someone else’s life. E V E R. Why? Sovereignty. Everyone is in charge of their bubble, we interact with others sure. We co-create, that too. And never, ever, ever can you say anything meaningful about the happenings in my life and vice versa. We can still have lovely conversations though, and it is up to me to figure out what what means in my life.

Synchronicity, in my words, is me walking the right path, the one I want to be on. And choosing the things from moment to moment that are keeping me on that ‘right’ path. Thé path to my happiest fulfilment. We are ALWAYS on a path, the question is, is it the path that leads to where you want to be going?

Bashar says that we are in the valley, the physical selves and that the higher mind has the overview from the top of the mountain. And it guides us, through inspiration and intuition.

We know from Seth that our Inner Self is the connective between us here and our greater being. Our inner Self is the tendon. Without tendons you could not move your limb. There are many more analogies I could come up with, I like the radio one best. Abraham Hicks uses this one a lot.

BIf you want to receive Rock FM, you have to tune to Rock FM and you will hear Rock FM. If you say you want to listen to Rock FM but you tune to Classical Music FM then you can wait until you weigh an ounce, but you won’t hear Rock.

So how do you create more Synchronicities? You can’t create them, they are a natural result of you following your intuition. You can however, use the to gauge where you are at.

Lots of Synchronicities means keep doing what you doing. No Synchronicities at all or little to show for means that you have to start doing different things, or more accurately doing things differently.

What things exactly is a great question. I know for a fact that lots of it has to do with following what scares the crap out of you, sorry not sorry that is unfortunately the way lol. I promise though, it feels really good when you do, and I know this from experience. AND it is listening to what you already know but avoid hearing. Synchronistically that was one of the main messages on my Instagram today from an old new found love.

If you would like help from someone that is walking that path and isn’t light years ahead of you yet so you still feel you can relate – ME – then message me for a session to see if we want to work together;

To end this Ted Talk…. Why would you want Synchronicity in your life anyway? Because it means you are on the path that leads to your most fulfilled life. AND is not about getting their asap, it is about having fun, growing, expanding and feeling safe and held and guided all the while on your way there. Since you can’t see diddly squat. That view is for our Higher Selves.

“The World is What You Are.” Seth 

If you want to watch the video on this topic, this is it:

With SO much love,


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