Nothing is Nothing. Meaning every thought comes from somewhere, through someone or something. Everything comes through a version of us. There is no linear time, we live in a multiverse, everything is now and every moment is a completely new moment. And who we are at any moment in time is completley new. So whenever an idea pops up in my head it is coming from a version of me. This can either be a version that I’m looking forward to ‘become’ OR it comes from one that I really do not want to be.

I’ll give you a couple of examples and you can check for yourself if you recognise this in your own life. Should you recognise yourself, I’ll give you some tips of things that work for me snapping out of it.

I love to move my body and go for pretty challenging forms of movement like Kayla Itsines BBG progam and Calisthenics in the past and Ashtanga Yoga at this moment in time. I was really into doing Yoga, a lot, when all of sudden I found myself resenting it and I fell into a Yoga depression causing me to take a break for about two months. 

I was so unaware of my self-created mishap, which I now find hilarious, I mean I teach about this stuff and I fell into it eyes wide open . But hey, everything has it’s purpose and now I’m writing about it and whoever needs to get this message co-created it with me.

All of a sudden, during a clear moment I understood how I could have gotten here. I let my decisions be informed by a lazy, whiney version of me that masks arguments in a really amazing and persuasive way. She says things like; You’re allowed to take it easy, you don’t have to be so tough on yourself, you’ve worked so hard, don’t push yourself, nothing good comes from pushing yourself, and more of this nonsense.

And then I woke up again. Or let’s say, my desired self was able to get clear airtime. I’m not sure what triggered it exactly, it was probably a combination of things; My new mentor, my daily meditation practice – most days I meditate a couple of times a day – my creative spree with feathers and my daily journaling. I do the morning pages, I talked about in one of my recent YouTubes I can recommend them both if you’re curious about and into vague and mystical things. I copied the videos at the end of this post.

Ok that’s it. This is definitely NOT who I’m cultivating. I am stepping into the version of me that lives in a certain way, looks a certain way and has a pretty amazing and inspiring daily practice.

Part of her behaviour is daily Yoga. And when I say daily Yoga I don’t mean a daily Yoga Nidra session. Or 3 Sun Salutations. I mean a daily intense Yoga practice. And while some days I will feel more strength and energy than others, and I will do a jump back and forward between the change of legs of the seated Asana sequence in the primary series. At other days I will do them in between after I have done both legs. 

I will allow myself to go for 3 breaths in the poses at days, instead of 5, but I will do an intense practice EVERY SINGLE DAY. And you know what. It’s seriously is no biggie. I haven’t complained about it. Why? Because apparently I am in the right state. I AM HER. And this daily Yoga thing is peanuts for her. And she knows that it’s not always easy, but she doesn’t give a sh*t. Because she does what needs to be done. And it’s ALWAYS good even if all the Asana’s hurt like a hot place close to the earth’s core.

Now before I go into the tip how to snap out of it I want to share another interesting inspiration I had that was an amazing no-brainer.

About a year ago, I had the thought of getting dread locks. I did research and I didn’t really feel it but somehow felt I had to, which seemed so weird to me but I now understand. The feeling that I had to I mean. Nobody is forcing it on me and still, feeling back into it, it didn’t feel tentative like it was with my Yoga Teacher Training. 

I still decided against it because of vanity reasons to be honest. Fast forward a year and I had been wearing my hair up for about a month because it drove me crazy that it was breaking and tangling like crazy. I almost cut it all and was even thinking about shaving it because I was so unhappy with it. That was such an amazing message from my Higher Self. I told about the story before and it is in the book I’m writing; M is For Magic.

I ended up cutting a piece of my hair, that I wasn’t happy either with but I couldn’t take how it felt anymore. Then after a recent hairwashing, my hair spoke to me, very clearly, and the message was; Dreadlocks, it is time.

How do I know, the way it had naturally tangled itself and the rest I felt from thinking about letting my hair free form loc itself.

If you have seen my latest video, I go into how I have been recognising and surrendering into my purpose as a grid worker.

Another part of this is that my Inner Shaman has been calling and I am answering. Now the hair part makes total sense. If you research about hair a couple of things that is well known amongst native people and healers is that our hair is an antenna, and that it is used to pick up information. The people fighting the Native Americans way back when shaved their heads which made them less able to communicate with the natural environment and spirits.

In ancient Egypt in tombs Pharaohs have been found with long dreadlocks. The locs still in tact! Shiva is depicted with long dread locks too, and there is much more you can find on dread locs. 

You can also have straight long hair, like witches used to have and have. I believe anyone can be powerful with whatever style of hair, that’s not the discussion that I’m starting here. I’m sharing with you the inspiration that clearly came from my future and higher self and I love it. 

I’m excited to get to know my locked girl. My hair will go through a stage that can be considered ugly and I am actually looking forward to that stage. 

It was always a fear of a version of mine, being ugly, being not accepted, being too black. Well, with dreadlocks, I don’t think I can get anymore black than that lol. 

So the moment you all have been waiting for ;-D my tips and obviously your Inner Self is always ready for assisting you too.

Have a or multiple notes where you often see them that reads; Who Are You? Or Who Do You Want to Become. I also have this question on the screensaver of my telephone, so whenever I look at my phone I read it, even if I’m aware of me reading it or not….

Know who this person is, how do they behave? What do they do, what don’t they do. Every highly successful person has a ritual, has things they do that work for them and these things usually take lots of discipline. When you know what these things are, and you purposefully start to behave in this way and do these things that are – probably – not all easy to do for you but are for them … you close the gap between you and them and here and now.

This is actually also quantum jumping. I wrote a post about this and made a video about it AND there is definitely more information from other people out there. So if you’re, like me, choosing the most amazing version of yourself moment to moment then go for it! And do the thing. Just decide and it will be easy.

And here, as promised, my both recent videos.

Sending you much Love and I would really like it if I would hear something from you, do you like information like this? Would you like to have other posts? Does this help? Does it raise more questions? 


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