Hoorn, The Netherlands, 26th of June, 2023

Being in your perfect body. Even if you are looking ok, if it is not great, and great is your wish then I’ve got something for you. If you have been with me for a while, or if you follow the teachings of Seth and Neville then you know that it’s not about willpower it’s about understanding WHY you are seeking refuge in certain States and thus display certain behaviours that will keep you being the person that you don’t want to be. It comes back, as always, to; Know Thyself.

You know how Seth says, the change in behaviour must come be automatic? When you move from the State of a fat person to the State of Mind of a fit and skinny person you automatically will behave different, you will have different behaviours. It is not something you will have to will yourself to do, when you do, you’re not the person that is thin. You are the person that wants to be thin consciously and your sabotaging yourself subconsciously. Or consciously you just don’t realise it because it is so normal.

From an interview that I highly recommend you go watch if you’re looking to step into a thinner version of yourself with Jon Gabriel on Gaia.

Jon Gabriel speaks about how he lost so much weight, like an abnormal amount of weight through visualising, first though he realised through a thought he had that said; 

“Your body wants to be fat, and as long as it wants to be fat there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

that he had emotional trauma that he needed to deal with, which was the reason behind him wanting to be fat.

He worked on that and also he visualised himself being thin. As soon as his emotional trauma was dealt with his fat started to melt away. No matter what he ate.

The whole episode is called Parallel Realities of Potential. And It is an interview with Regina Meredith. It is so worth while checking this episode out for multiple reasons.

So have fun with it, and I would love it if you can send me some feedback on this. Did you watch the episode? How did you like it? Did it help? Are you working on something yourself now? IF so, what are you working on exactly.

Thank you for sharing, and sending you much love!


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