Hoorn, The Netherlands, 5th July 2023

Of recent, I have been drawn to making snakes. Lots of them from Clay. The inspiration keeps coming and I feel and see them everywhere energetically. It might sound scary. It is not. It is a very comforting and protective feeling. I’m not sure what brought it about, and I know this was a long time coming when I connect the dots backwards.

Before I tell you the backstory, why am I sharing this with you? If you are here reading this, the serpent has a message for you too. And she isn’t bad or good, she is all of it. Like we are. She is extremely powerful, agile, and sheds her skin to be completely renewed again.

Snake symbolism has been hijacked by people / beings that know that this is a powerful totem. Just like the Christians hijacked the concept of God and many people, including myself, felt offended by the word God. Now that I know that GOD is synonymus with ALL THAT IS and is a loving creator, all is well again.

How you can work with snake I will share in a bit.

So the backstory. When I was a tiny one I used to have nighmares of snake so often that at one point my mother forbid me to watch nature documentaries with her. When I grew older the immense fear stayed with me, but at a birthday of the uncle of my best friend we had a python draped around our necks at 15 years of age.

I got gifted a snake ring from one of my mothers friends that I lost at the beach when I was around 8 years old which I have never forgotten about and am still bummed out about until this day – about 38+ years later …. I encountered snakes in Thailand, Australia and Portugal and dreamt about one that I met a couple of days later. I could feel one that was hidden underneath a washing machine and I felt drawn to get jewellery in the form of snakes and am now the proud owner of 5 snake rings, 2 snake earrings and about 2 years ago I was ready to have her tattoed on my left arm.

It was a surprise but also not that I started creating snakes of clay. I have never been drawn to create with Clay, but hey since I know that everything in my life is divinely guided, and seeing snake in past life regression and shamanic journeys, it is a logical continuation of the path.

The snakes that I’m creating will be offered together with feathers, minerals and incense for everyone that wants to deepen the connection to themselves. Snake is also a symbol for Kundaline rising, In Yoga – Indian – mythology the coiled snake is sleeping at the bottom of your spine in your root chakra. When Kundaline starts to rise, the snakes uncoils, and she rises up your spine and through your head awakening all of your chakra’s and energies.

What can you do with snake? First of start to embrace her like sacred, she isn’t scary she can be, but she doesn’t have to be. Like we are ourselves. Scary at times when someone really pisses us of, but mostly we’re beautiful and loving beings. Integrate snake like moves in your daily life, with your armas and hands and body. In Yoga or through dancing, light language signing with your hands, whatever feels good.

And if you’d like to go deeper, you can always contact me and I can tune into you to see what she has to tell you; mailto:monique@moniquebjagroe.com

Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to stay updated on the snake journey; www.instagram.com/moniquebjagroe

For now, sending you much love and see you in the next.