Everyone wants BIG things to manifest more, better, quicker, now now NOW! What I’m about to share with you is ridiculously simply and yes that’s what life and manifestations are. You reading this is a manifestation, of the blog, the device you’re reading this on, the couch or bed or chair your sitting on, what you’re wearing, the situation you find yourself in at this moment they are ALL manifestations….. let’s get into the article, shall we?

I automatically sit on the floor whenever I visit my parents. I sit on the floor when I want to meditate. I sit on the floor when I want to read or watch something. I sit on the floor when I eat.

Not sure when this started, I think when I did my first teacher training in India where all took place on the floor, except for sleeping, and I haven’t changed it ever since. It literally feels uncomfortable on a couch and I sometimes still do it when visiting others or when in a hotel or public space or such. I sit with my legs cross legged, and of course my Yoga practice assists me in making this a comfortable position.

Yesterday I saw an interview where the dude tells us that all of this is one of the best things to do for our bodies. And that it works like I’ll explain in the next paragraph. If you want to see the interview too, link is at the end of this post.

It goes further than that though, and I dare to say that because of me sitting in this way, my body feels better which makes my mind feel calmer, which makes my mood much better, which consequently makes it that I have a more amazing life experience. Because manifest we do automatically, it is not something we have to effort to do, we create automatically and if you want to create amazing things automatically than do things that calm your nervous system automatically like what I described and use food in the mix too.

There was a time that I wanted to explore eating whatever and still have an amazing body, and I did But the fact of the matter is, that in physical reality, of which I am a part certain foods my body responds to in a certain way, and this can feel good or not. To give you an extreme example, after having cut out sugar for a week I had a sugar binge and as a consequence I had an amazing hangover and I felt depressed as f*ck. I could very clearly notice the one on one relation. Yes but there is no cause and effect and no linear time. Yes correct, but when I do the human thing which is that I can’t yet influence my brain that strongly that I can erase a happening completely from my system thus memory I will suffer the consequences.

Yesterday I had a birthday, again I had a hangover, I don’t drink any alcohol and I had not eaten any sugar. My eyes were swollen and I did not feel too good. You know what it was? It was little white flour crackers. Holy crap. I also believe I respond so intensely to these foods because it is tied to my purpose. And apparently my system is so sensitive that she picks it up immediately and I can share it with others that can then decided to use this information to their benefit. Or not.

A quote that I heard recently that I really love and even made into a text on my phone screensaver; The decisions you make today, determine your tomorrow.

This is all for now my loves. If you feel stuck in your food and or life and work pattern and you want assistance from someone that has broken herself out of all of these games, then contact me. I would be so happy to serve you.

The link to the interview with the above mentioned dude;

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