Recently I had a private session with Opra that is channeled by Ramona Galey and it was beyond mind blowing. I will share the clips sometime in the near future. For now here you have the transcription of the first question.


Victoria-Monique: I have a question about my vibration. I notice that I’m holding myself back when vibing higher consistently, like I have a fear of disappointment.

Answer Opra: minute 7:16

We would release this story also. In other words, as you feel your guidance trust it. Many of our human friends have been talking about procrastination. I am procrastinating, I want this thing very clearly, I really finally gotten the clarity and I really, really, really, really want this thing and yet I can’t force myself to do these things that I know that I must do in order to have this thing that I dearly want, I must be sabotaging myself. I must have a fear of success I think my mother said something when I was three and I remember it now.

Victoria-Monique: lol. I know the procrastination and alignment story from Abraham Hicks and this is exactly the same.

Answer Opra; minute o8:o4

It is the same. As I follow my guidance, and my guidance says that it is time to take a nap I don’t look at my clock and say; But …. 

I say; Oh a nap, doesn’t that sound delicious? Let me just make sure that I’m clear for that so I’m not going to mess up something in my life, yes I’m clear. Doesn’t matter what I was thinking about doing, NOW I am taking a nap. Oh and then when I wake up from my nap! There’s a creative idea I had not had before and now I can clearly see [now we do not always clearly see] but many times you can say I clearly see why I wanted to take this nap instead of acting because if I would have acted in that way and forced myself even if I would’ve been able to force myself it would have gone this way and now I see very clearly that it wants to go that way and it is so much easier and it just falls out of me, it just it just flows into me, it just pulls around my ankles and it’s just so easy for me, just reach down and pick it up and I have exactly what I want it’s come to me just perfectly.

And I can clearly see, because I took my nap ….

This would be an interim step of looking for proof, prove to yourself, I’d wanted I felt like I had to do that thing and I followed my guidance and look what happened the sky did not fall something even better happened that occurred to me or ideas flowed or money came in or somebody rang and we had a wonderful conversation and something lovely happened.

And as you look around for a little bit of proof you will find it and then you will even release that proof because it is still just simply attachment and story and just say I do these things because they feel good knowing that that feel good is my guidance, it’s my intuition it’s my inspiration it’s my connection to my inner being it’s my connection to source, it’s how God speaks to and through. And so as I trust the divinity of my desire, the divinity of simply feeling good for no good reason, no reason at all, now I am being right here, right now. Now I am being who I truly am. Now I am me. And from here I can be, do or have anything

I trust you enjoyed this.

With SO much love,