My teachers say that it’s love to allow your body to determine what it wants and to listen attentively to that. Some people think that if they would do that, that they would eat fries 24/7.

Which means, in other words that they don’t trust themselves. They think they need rules. Been there, done that and kind of perfected it. The rules thing, the pushing, the punishing, the searching for the latest and the greatest that would help me in goal a, b or c.

Did it work, sure for a couple of weeks until it got too much and I burned myself out mentally and felt awful mentally and physcially.

I am following the; Do what feels good in any moment practice and I’m here to tell you it’s worth to take a chance on this practice. This is what I have experienced so far; YES I do feel like fries and Ben & Jerrys icecream and delicious crisps and what not.

However! I also crave intense work-outs, cold showers [and it’s the dead of winter here haha] long walks, greens and fruits.

It’s all automatic. And it’s all love. Yeah ,yeah, yeah sappy I know. I happen to love love. And an aggressive rant here and there, I love that too. But I digress.

Moral of this story, you will never lead yourself into anything that doesn’t serve you. And that’s a promise. YOU love you. And the inspiration that comes from and through YOU, wants to see you, ALL OF YOU thrive.

End of preach.


“Focus on the feeling not the understanding. This feels good, I’m going to do this from now on because this feels good. Not because of some story of why it feels good, because it feels good.” – Opra [taken from my private session with Opra]