Gabrielle Gabbie Bernstein


Gabbie Bernstein & Myself

I learn more about life through magical experiences. From others AND from myself. And it so happens that I love stories and I read somewhere that’s how we as human beings contain information best.

So here’s a magical story for y’all.

Back in 2o14 when I returned fresh and full of life after my Australia sabbatical A pivotal point in my life because I had left Corporate Netherlands and decided that something would show up … I had manifested money through the teachings in The Secret [another story for another time] and I had already begun with my brand and making my first product; lip balms.

After a chance meeting with an American guy who was in Amsterdam on tour with the band Sleigh Bells and who was very much into vegan stuff, I had decided to suss out Berlin. He told me that this was THE place to be for everything vegan. By the way, this is not a Ted Talk on veganism, because I don’t do isms anymore. You can read peacefully and rest assured 😃

The first time I went to Berlin on that mission was pretty cool, but too short so I decided to go longer. One of my Paradiso colleagues owned a house in Berlin and I was able to rent it for two weeks.

I arrived in that apartment, my bag filled to the brim with vegan lip balms, luckily they didn’t stop and question me …. That would’ve been a funny conversation. Well you see, I get dry lips really quickly. And my lips are pretty big, as you can see.

Anyway, I arrived in the apartment and after the first day of being on a high that I was REALLY DOING THIS. I had a nervous break down and I cried my eyes out How the frikkin freaks was I going to make a living selling Lip Balms. A puny little lip balm. Who in their right mind would buy so many of me that I could make a living?

Oh boy, it was, I was, a mess. I decided to turn to Marie Forleo, my go to fairy YouTube mother on all things woo woo + business at the time.

Because Woo Woo was already in my repertoire, I had to have it there, the other way … the logical way didn’t do it for me anymore.

Marie had a friend on the show, Gabbie Bernstein. What I remember from that message was that Gabbie always asked the Universe for signs when she needed them. When she didn’t know what to do, she just asked for a sign. Hers was an Owl.

Cool, that was the information I needed, thank you Gabbie. I went about my day feeling MUCH better and went outside to the subway station.

Hey! A poster of that Gabbie chick. She has a book out, what a coincidence…. I thought.

An American girl in the metro station in Berlin right after I have seen her on YouTube. What are the odds. After 3 days of seeing Gabbie literally EVERYWHERE in Berlin I got the message and decided to check her book out online.

Well. It turned out it wasn’t a book, Gabbie was in Berlin. She would give a seminar in 3 days!!! Wait, what?!

The Story continues here….

After a back and forth on the cost, because I wasn’t sure if I had that money to spend?! I decided this is too much of a coincidence I have to see her and give her some lippies. Who knows maybe she will share them on Social Media and I will be an instant success [ my thought was]. Haha, I wasn’t familiar with Bashar yet obviously who says that we should never Insist, or Resist, and freely translated that we should just do what feels fun and not being attached to any outcome.

I had a magical time, I didn’t like Gabbie too much as a person, we just didn’t really vibe and it probably was my Giddiness that annoyed her. But hey, who cares. Plenty of people rub me the wrong way Anyway. 

My inner being had a surprise in store for me. I had toyed with the idea of moving to Berlin because in the days leading up to the seminar I had gotten only YES, we would love to sell your lip balms from stores all over Berlin 

So I thought, this is a sign from the Universe that I should move here, maybe? So we did this exercise with Gabbie where we had to close our eyes and have a coin in our hand. We would meditate together with the question on our minds, decided which side was what and then toss the coin. 

My question was; Universe, should I move to Berlin? The coin said YES. I was ECSTATIC and started to jump up and down. Then Gabbie came with the kicker; “It’s not the answer of the coin that’s the answer, it’s your reaction to the answer of the coin that’s the actual answer…..”

To be continued…