Freedom is loving You. ALL of You. All the emotions and feelings are welcome, not just the ‘pretty ones’. All of the emotions on the spectrum make You, You. Even if you would like to have more patience, more poise, be less insecure …

The only way to change anything is to first OWN IT, LOVE IT, BE IT UNAPOLOGETICALLY and then it will transform by itself without you having to do anything. Trust me. Been there, done that, made a Reel a blog post and writing a book about it. The full love letter is below, you might notice that I go from I, to We. This was pure intuitive and my explanation for it is this; I began writing as myself and slowly my inner being, my ancestors and guides joined the loving on me party.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what it is, the only thing that matters is; Does it feel good? ENJOY

The full love letter:

I love you SO much. I love who you were, who you are, and you are becoming.

I love your insecurities and your wisdom.

I love your all over the placeness your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

I love how you can change your mind about something within a minute and then change it back again.

I love it when you laugh when you cry and when you create drama.

I love how judgy you can be and then judge yourself for doing that, it’s the funniest!

I love your heart your You-ness and your creativity.

I love how you love to kiss and cuddle and how super selective you are with sex.

We love how you can make something out of nothing and we love how you are able to Shine your Bright Light.

We love how mindful you are of your vibration and energy and invest in US.

In All Of Us. Past, Present and Future.

We love your black skin and your curls.

We love your, belly, your legs, your arms, your hands and your feet.

We love and adore your bum, yes even if you have a judgement about it, because it doesn’t look like the ones in the media.

We love your physical strength, your mental strength and your determination.

NOTHING that you do or say or feel about Your Self will make us love you any less.

Now and until the end of times,

We Love You, We Love You, WE. LOVE. YOU.

And So It Is.

If you feel like you are far away of that feeling of Freedom, I have a program that is called; Hello Freedom, Goodbye Fear. I would LOVE to have and guide you.