Which is actually, how to know yourself. Do you know the phrase “God can’t be mocked”? It means that you can pretend to think and feel something but God always knows what your truly feeling. And with God dear You, I mean ALL THAT IS. I mean the Universe, I mean the OG particle fairy dust that we spring from. Ok, so we’ve got that settled.
Let me illustrate this with an example; when you walk into a room full of people and there are 9 people you like and there is one person you can’t stand, like really you cannot stand that person AT ALL. They come up to you and greet you with so much joy and exuberance and say; I’m SO happy to see you. You probably say something like that back but you really don’t mean it. And you can feel it, and they can proably too. That’s the energy speaking.

Another example, you have a date with a SUPER hot guy/girl that you have been frothing over for a couple of years. You try to keep it cool and you tell yourself it’s not a big deal, but still you find yourself hemming and hawing through the conversation, maybe you throw a drink on him by accident, and all of a sudden you’re the champion of clumsiness.

Last example, you pretend you are really fine about this one thing, but actually you are not and you try to push these tears down until something seemingly unrelated thing goes totally wrong and you burst out in tears over nothing. Well it wasn’t over nothing, it was that particular thing that wanted to be released energetically and in order for it to be able to be released …. you got yourself in a situation that allowed the energetic release.

Now to the story that I was planning to get to, how I get to learn God, my inner workings through the art of standing on my hands.

If you’ve ever tried it before, you know that this can be frikkin difficult. And YES that’s a story, I have to say though to change my mind to that it’s easy is a process too.

I have learned that whenever I try to get a hold it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. It only works when I play. This particular instance, was unexpected for the human me. I was really happy that I had the inspiration to record anyway, because if I would have gotten this hold and not had the ‘proof’ and the video to milk and to enjoy and to share and to watch over and over and over again …I would have not been a happy camper haha.

Right before this epic hold I had said to myself, FUCK THIS SHIT. I won’t make that ten second hold in a million years, I have gotten to 8 and 9 many times, but somehow not to ten.

i did my most favourite drill which is kicking up into a straight line and tap your feet and then come back down. I alternate between sides. I LOVE to do that. And after about 4 or 5 minutes of doing it, this happened.

And guess what? It’s even longer! It’s almost 14 seconds! Hallelujah. I’m OVER the moon. And once again I have experienced, that I can not pretend not to care and get the results. I REALLY HAVE TO NOT CARE. Fully, embodied.

GOD can’t be mocked. Not with handstands, not with love, not with money, not with friendships. The trick is ease and fun and feeling worthy. And while feeling worthy is very elusive, you can get there by allowing yourself to have fun with ‘it’ whatever that ‘it’ is and constantly get back to YOU. Not letting anyone decided anything for you, how you should do things, how you should not do things, what you should affirm or not affirm. How someone responds or not responds. It is ALL about YOU.

With SO much love and handstand bliss.