In this post I told you about the ‘chance’ meeting with Gabrielle Bernstein and how I decided in her workshop to move to Berlin.

And before I tell you what crazy magic happened afterwards, I have to rewind a couple of days… I had seen Gabby on Marie Forleo her YouTube. This is the actual interview I saw and it’s already 11 years ago, wow! Anyway… in that interview told Marie how she always asks signs from the Universe when she doesn’t know how to proceed on any subject and her sign is an owl. She proceeded to tell that once you asked for a sign, a specific to you sign, you should then let it go and not think about it anymore and it will show up. Or not, and that is an answer too.

Hmm. How on earth? Was one of my first thoughts, and I decided to put it to the test whenever a pressing question would come up. And about a day later I had a pressing question. Do you remember how I told you in the post that came before this one that I would see Gabbie literally everywhere in Berlin after I had seen that interview on YouTube? I found out that she was having a seminar and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend money on a ticket to the seminar. I didn’t know her, I had no idea what she was about AND I had come to Berlin to earn money, not to spend money!

My marketing mind went in overdrive and said, but what if you gave Gabbie some lioppies. She’ll love them, share them on social media and your brand will take off like a rocket!! Yeah, well that’s not exactly what happened but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I decided to put Gabbie’s advice to the test and I would ask the Universe to show me a sign if I needed to go to that seminar. And I decided to pick something else namely a butterfly. Oh boy …

The next day I went into the city centre, I remember the street and the store because what I’m about to tell you, you don’t easily forget. I was just minding my own business, had completely let go of that question and I walked into a shop that looked very cute. It was a jewellery shop with clothes in the back. I wasn’t looking for anything and in hindsight, now I know that feeling very well, my intuition was walking me. I can only describe this as mindlessly walking on my way to something without knowing that I’m on my way to something. Then I walk into it and I realise that I was on my way to something that my Higher Self – as I like to call it – was leading me to. As soon as I arrived at the back of the store, a bit puzzled to be honest to find myself there, I look straight at a post card with a butterfly.

Instantly I realised it was a ‘YES’ to my question if I should go to Gabbie’s seminar. “Shizzle, why did I pick a butterfly!” I thought to myself. “There are butterflies everywhere! I should’ve picked an owl like Gabbie does!”.

I turn my head and I look straight into the eyes of a drawn owl. CHILLS down my spine. I was shocked and a bit spooked to be honest. And in that moment I knew that I HAD to go….

The day before the seminar I had friends visiting from Amsterdam. It was a pretty big apartment and there was plenty of room so I was really happy that they came by. The night of their arrival, which was the night before the seminar, I got a text message; “Hey Monique [this is pre Victoria-Monique], it’s Serge here, are you still renting out your apartment? We didn’t see it on Airbnb anymore and me and Ivona are looking for a longer term stay because Ivona has an internship in Amsterdam and I’ve found work.”

Wait what?! I told my friends and I was super happy, this meant that I could go back to Australia! And rent out my apartment…. I’m not sure if I told you, but I had just returned from my sabbatical to Australia where the idea for my vegan lip ladies Fra Lippo Lippie had been born.

But, the Universe and my Higher Self had another plan. So when the coin landed on ‘YES move to Berlin!’ a big part of the decision was already taken care of. My apartment already had people that wanted to rent it AND take care of my sweet Binkie meister, my sweet sweet cat that is over the rainbow in the meantime and was very much in the physical still at that point in time.

I was amazed by the synchronicity of it all. But then, after the initial high from the event I got really scared. Am I really going to move to Berlin? On a whim? What if I won’t make enough money? How will I find a place to stay? What if, what if, what if. I was in full blown panic mode.

I decided to ask The Universe for a sign again. If I was REALLY supposed to move to Berlin. I didn’t trust my full bodied yes just yet.

However, this time I would go about it a bit smarter. Not a butterfly and not an own. I was determined to find a symbol that you don’t find often. I thought short and hard and decided that it was going to be a PEGASUS. HA! I thought to myself, thinking that I could ‘out smart’ The Universe.

And that story, will blow your socks off, it still does mine. I will share that with you soon.

With Much Love,


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