A Conscious Creator Has To Be An Amazing Actor

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It’s Wednesday so time for a new blog post. Have you ever noticed that life is full with metaphors about how life really works? And then I talk about how it really works for Conscious Creators, because it’s an 18o in thinking compared to what the majority of people believe in.

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Before I go into the post, check out this video that I did on Monday about Blueprints, Deaths and Temper Tantrums. Which links in perfectly with this post. And lastly, at the end you will find a Seth Quote from Asuman’s Seth Seth Seth Facebook page on here too. This one seems a bit at odds with the rest I will be talking about, but I assure you it’s not since everything links back together to one main thing: Understanding The Law and Understanding how we Consciously Create.

Neville about this Concept

Recently, I had a wonderful day doing my thing while they were drawing up some cool stuff. My favourite thing to do too, being alone together is such a bonding and loving experience. So anyway, I was listening to a video of Brian Scott and it hit me. Of course! I knew it before, of course ;-D, and now I understood it even better…. In the video Brian talks about how Conscious Creators should have acting coaches, too.

What does Neville say?

The Fact that it does not feel natural to you, to be what you imagine yourself to be, is the secret of your failure. I actually also discuss this in my recent priming meditation.

He continues to say: Regardsless of your desire, regardless of how faithfully and intelligently you follow the law, if you do not feel natural about what you want to be, you will not be it.

Neville, The Power of Awareness, Chapter 24 Failure

How do you Succeed then?

Progress can spring only from your imagination, from your desire to transcend your present level. What you truly and literally must feel is that with Imagination all things are possible.

You must realise that changes are not caused by caprice, but by a change of consciousness. You may fail to achieve or sustain the particular state of consciousness necessary to produce the effect you desire. But, once you know that consciousness is the only reality and is the sole creator of your particular world and have burnt this truth into your whole being, then you know that success or failure is entirely in your own hands.

Neville, The Power of Awareness, Chapter 24 Failure

If you know Neville, you know that he talks about you being the Director, Producer, Actor and Screenwriter of YOUR PLAY. Of YOUR LIFE. Everyone else in your play are actors that do exactly what you want them to do. I won’t go into this in this post, but I do urge you to check it out yourself if you feel you want to.

And why not, it would make sense wouldn’t it? Because I want you to feel and think for yourselves too. I am sparking your curiosity to go on and find out more yourself. There’s only so much you learn when things are handed to you on a silver webpage platter.

The Amazing Actor

To link it all back to the title of this post. You are also an Actor in your own play. As well as the one that oversees the play, the one that makes sure that it all gets played out and you detail the roles for everyone. So you are also playing YOUR PART. If the part you are playing at the moment, if you are in a character that you’re not too fond of. Then find out what character you would like to play and dive deep into it. Know all about her or him [ method acting ] and become this person, because as we all know by know …. Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions create Your reality. AND YOU.

Ok, that’s almost it, here’s the quote from Seth:

Imagine yourself as a channel through which the creativity of the universe can express itself.

a state of health is not an end product or an unchanging station in those terms. It is the ability to effectively handle energy in a constructive way for your own benefit and the benefit of others.

The state of health is a poor term. You should, indeed, imagine yourself, therefore, able to handle your energy effectively for your own good and the good of others – to imagine yourself as a channel through which the creativity of the universe can express itself. 

For when you harbor negative ideas and resentments, then indeed you set up a block. And, the block causes distortions. 

Now, you call them illnesses in many instances. They are distortions. The energy is being distorted and misused and misshapen.

Theodore: But, to want good health or position just for the sake of that is not the end of the line. That, you are saying, is just the beginning of…

It is a beginning. And, health is not a static state in any case.

Theodore: We should desire good health because it makes it possible for us to do something else, to serve or perform some other role.

You should desire good health because it is a natural state of your being. You should trust in the innate intelligence of your own being, which produces good health. Health is a natural state of your being.

Through your physical image, the energy of the universe expresses itself. You, as an individualized consciousness, are a part of this. And, you can not express yourself fully nor fulfill your purpose as an identity, as an individual, if you are not in good health, for the effects of the body are felt in the mind. And, the effects of the mind are felt in the body. You distort the picture.

Now, I did not intend a question-and-answer service this evening. But, I seem to be involved in one. And, some evening I will turn the tables. And, when I ask you questions, I will expect some answers. And, they will not be easy questions. And, they will not be general questions. 

And, I will make you search for the answers. And, the answers will form steps upon which you can walk and will serve as foundations within which you can travel within yourselves. But, they will be your answers and not my answers.

ESP 1969.06.03 EC 1

I know and trust that this was a helpful post, I love having you in here and assisting you on your journey.

Much, much love and see you next week in here or somewhere else.


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