When in Disbelief or Lack of Trust do this

Is it already Wednesday again? According to the “rules” of this game it is. According to the rules of the alternative game, it just another moment that could be anyday or anytime because according to the other rules there is no time [and space].

Lovely picture by Cliff Johnson

Yeah, that shit is deep. But that’s not where I wanted to go with you, not today anyway.

I am not shy of some distrust here and there myself. Or rather, another version of me is. And whenever I am being that version of me, I am in need of proof that this stuff really works the way I want it to, which is: My thoughts create My reality. Or to be more complete, my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, expectations create my personal reality. My bubble and everything and everyone in it.

Whenever things happen I don’t like I know I have created them, I have chosen them. Somehow with things that are really mind-blowingly amazing I find it hard to believe that I really did this. And sometimes there are things that seem out of reach, too.

So what do I do when thoughts like this come up? First of all I remember myself that every good movie has a story and that it’s sometimes necessary for the great story line to go through some frustration, turmoil and disbelief and then to proof the working of the law to me I imagine someone contacting me that I haven’t spoken of in a long time, I imagine seeing something super random of which I don’t believe I will [funny story about this later on in this post which you have already read or heard about when you have been following me for a while] and I let it go. The letting go part is the vital part, but that will happen automatically anyway.

The thing imagined will materialise effortlessly and in a way that is most natural. And this is a very important component. Because it is so normal and so natural you [and I] tend to question if we really created this. And the answer is always YES OF COURSE. It cannot be any other way. THAT’s HOW REALITY WORKS. And as Joseph Alai says in many of his videos: Either Everything is God or Nothing is.


On to a little recent anecdote and the longer story I referred to earlier in this post. I have a friend Georgie. A beautiful and funny and superstrong girl. We used to work together in Amsterdam in a bar called Paradiso. One of the best times of my life.

And I’m happy to say a version of me is still living these times. Because …. everything is NOW. Yes, I will keep on doing this to also help you remember how this reality really works. When you start getting this you will free up so much energy that you can use to create what you wish, anywho I digress.

So Georgie. Georgie calls me Pierlala and she is actually also the brains behind the names of my vegan lip balms. Yeah, I forgot to mention she is super creative and smart too. So Georgie. She send me a message yesterday. And we haven’t spoken in at least 4 years. No joke. What was the message about? She and her sister started a new brand for baby design cards: Instagram.com/Kichinichi_design She messaged me to tell me this.

Holy fuck people. Do you get this? Like really get this? All the things that fell into place for her to contact me?! Think about it. Everyone and their mother will play their part to get you what it is you want. And you don’t have to be afraid to take away anything from anyone, because everyone has their own bubble of reality. Leave them in theirs and create fun and amazingness in yours.


Before I lived in Berlin, or rather this version of me was known ;-D, I booked a house through a Paradiso colleague; Hans. Hans owns an appartment together with another couple in the area Schöneberg and I was growing my vegan lip balm sales at the time. So I decided to go here for about 3 weeks and take my time to approach stores and asking if they would like to buy and resell my own made brand and products.

I was on a roll, there were so many shop owners that loved me and my story and my product that I started to play with the question; maybe I need to move to Berlin.

I wasn’t into Neville Goddard or Seth yet, I was however into Law of Attraction [ I materialised 12k with the The Secret teachings ] and I was following Marie Forleo her channel on how to become a succesful female entrepreneur. Marie had an episode in which she interviewed Gabrielle Bernstein that I had never heard about before. Gabriel spoke about how she would always intend to see an owl when she wanted a “YES” from the Universe to any question she asked. And I found it intriguing. I hadn’t played with that yet.

After watching the episode I went out and about and I saw a poster of Gabrielle Bernstein at the subway. That’s funny, I thought [ LOL!!!], I just learned about her and now I see a poster of her. I didn’t get the message the first time and I kept being bombarded with posters of her everywhere. At one point I thought I understood the message, so I read the poster. It seemed she just released her [first?] book and I checked the url on the poster out online.

What do you know? She was IN BERLIN, AND she would have a seminar in 3 days. Holy Fuck. Ok. Wait, what? Do I want to spend 121 EUROs on a seminar of someone I just learned about? Hmmm.

I decided to put Gabrielle’s teachings to the test. She did this “owl thing”, I was going to do a “butterfly thing”. So I asked “The Universe” , now I know that it was ME communicating with me, ok Mama Universe if I should go to Gabrielle’s seminar show me a butterfly. And I left it.

Fast forward two or three days and I was checking out potential sales points for my lip balms again. I went into a store located in Mitte close to Weinmeisterstrasse with really cute jewelry and some clothes and cards in the back of the shop. Mind you, I wasn’t planning to ask them to resell my things but I did feel drawn to go in there. I went straight through the back of the store and there I see a card with a butterfly and this was my train of thoughts when I saw it.

Hmm, damn, this was too easy there are always butterflies on cards everywhere I should’ve asked for an owl.

I turn my head, or more acurately my head turned itself [haha] and I look at a post card with … AN OWL.

Needless to say I got my answer and I went to the seminar. And from that point on magic unfolded in a crazy way and I have some lovely anecdotes of that too, but not now. This will suffice.

I wish you an AMAZING DAY! And Much much love.


ps, if you’d like to check out my recent Youtube, how you can use your body to know the answer Here is the link to it.

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