Break the Habit of Being Yourself

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The titel of a great book by Joe Dispenza. I have been playing with these ideas for a while and all of a sudden it hit me. When you want to shift into a different version of yourself but you keep doing the same things, than you will get the same results.

So I made a video with information on how you easily quantum shift or quantum jump which means nothing more than experiencing a bigger change than usual. Since change is a constant, every second is another world completely. That’s how our reality operates since the beginning of time and we don’t notice this because these are the rules of the games.

And then I remembered … “Break The Habit of Being Yourself” I have read this book a while ago, gifted it to a good friend forgot about it and automatically integrated it’s teachings and have actually been doing this for as long as I know because I love new experiences, re-inventing myself and getting bolder and better.

I listened to dr. Joe’s presentations on this topic again, because I didn’t feel like reading. And yep, what he says makes so much more sense now on a deeper level.

So for today I will link you to his presentation and my previous video and I wish you the biggest jump you wish for yourself. A doable one, where you can stay and won’t fall off or out because the shift is too big for you to handle for now.

And also remember, everything will happen in a logical way, so if a loved one changes it’s behaviour, it will follow the patterns of logic. Because otherwise nothing starts to make sense anymore when for instance someone behaves exactly as you wish and forgot all about their previous behaviour and makes you out for crazy when you remind them of this and that you had an argument about …

Have a lovely day and see you either next week in here or on Monday on my Youtube channel.

My video

Dr. Joe’s Video

Hug You.

x Monique

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