Losing Weight the Quantum Physics Way

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Today I want to share with you an alternative way of looking at and committing yourself to losing the weight that you’re looking to get rid of in a different way. The premise is that you have to be comfortable getting uncomfortable. And Jordon, if you’re reading with this post is inspired by you, too. And I wish that you get out of it what you need to make that lasting change.

There are multiple ways to Rome and different things work for different people at different times. And that might even be for the same person. Go with what works and ditch it as soon as it has stopped working and go with something new.

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While I have been already discussing how you can change this by changing your image of yourself; into a person who is skinny if that’s what you’re wishing for, or buff or lean or heavier, because yes there are also people that are looking to get bigger … there is another way and I will discuss it here.

If you haven’t read the already, then read or re-read some of my articles on Self-Image. The more understanding you have on how our reality works, the more successful you will be. This is a very good article to read about the subject.

Before I get into this weeks post one more thing, be sure to check out this video that I made that explains why you will feel uncomfortable in your body when you are going for change. It’s an excerpt from dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Break the Habit of Being Yourself. Last week I also wrote an article based on this book, if you want to read it , you can do so by clicking here


Joe teaches that in the course of the years the body has become the mind. In short this means that your body is a compilation of familiar emotions. And these emotions create automatically by themselves. See your body as the dial of a radio station. The signal is dependent on the coherence of body and mind. Meaning the person driving the car and the navigation of the car are going in the direction that the navigation tells them. You know that sometimes you go against the navigation, I know I have in the past. In that case you would not have body and mind coherence. I believe in short this is called heart coherence, but I’m not sure and it’s also not the subject of this post.

Your body got this way because of repeated thoughts you have been thinking. Every time you have a thought you have an emotional reaction and at one point that reaction is so “normal” because of the continually same thoughts you have been thinking, that emotionally speaking you became the thought. I’m going to make assumptions here, just to clarify the story. Of course these thoughts don’t have to be the ones you had been thinking. At any time when you read or listen to something say to yourself, I will only accept this if this will bring me desired effects.

Thoughts you had been thinking could be something like this; “I’m prone to being fat, my mom was, my dad was and I am too”. ” I can’t digest food well”, “no mattter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight”. etc. In one word we can describe this as “hopeless” and this has a distinct emotion in the body. While you would not choose to feel this consciously with the quantum physics knowledge that you now have [ thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your reality] but you have been in the past, hence the situation now = No Matter What You Do, You Can’t Seem To Lose Weight.


To fix this, is really not that difficult. It’s going to take work though. As in the case of imagining a new Self – Image on a daily base, like dr. Maxwell Maltz teaches and Seth & Neville teach [ imagining creates reality ] you have to consistently work at this. And it is the very same like with every new skill you’re learning, being it driving a car, a foreign to you language, handstand. You name it.

The solution is this, you have to know what behaviour belongs to you being at a different weight. This could be; not eating after 6pm anymore, halfing your portions, exercising at least for 1 hour each day. If all of this feels daunting, it’s because you’re not the version of you for whom these things are easy yet.

Believe me, this can become the norm for you and not cause you too much difficulty. If I take myself as an example, there were versions of me that would eat so much crap and smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and party hard every weekend. This version wasn’t too big on exercising either.

This version of me trains at least 5 days a week AND LOVES IT. Eats amazing and delicious foods that her body enjoys turning into fuel, hardly party’s or drinks alcohol. Not because it’s not “smart”, because this version of me doesn’t crave any of it AND loves who she is being and behaving most of the time. And for the other part, I learn how to be different in the ways that I discuss here on my blog and on my Youtube channel.

Decide what this thing is that you will be doing and know this, really KNOW this; YOU WILL FEEL EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE IN YOUR BODY. Your body will throw a temper tantrum, a fit, energetically kick, scream, cry …. ALL of it, because you do something that it’s not used to. But also know this; you HAVE to go through it to get to the other side. So what is left for you to do is breathe through it, RE-MIND yourself of how this stuff works and all that is going on is you are teaching yourself to BE in a different way. To ATTRACT life in a different way, which will cause your behaviour to change automatically because you’re tuning to a different radio station.

Dr. Dispenza claims that the addiction to the emotions you’re used to, is similar to a drug addiction. And from experience, I can tell you this is true. A version of me was addicted to smoking cigarettes. And a version of me was addicted to loads of chocolate and other not so smart stuff.

You know, Neville teaches in the Pearl of Great Price that none of these things can do to us what we believe they do; cigarettes aren’t bad inherently, same goes for sugar, and the other common beliefs. But. And. If you have been living these truths for most of your life it can be a hell of a job to get rid of these beliefs. And that’s why I’d rather go for solutions like these ones first all the while reminding myself that reality works in a different way than the [now still] common believe is.

I change myself from both ways. By working on it and by re-minding myself that all the power is in how I believer reality to work. And I know that at one point this beliefs stuff ain’t got nothing on me, meaning I can select the ones I want and feel them fully. Until that time, this is my way. Find out what yours is.

So this is it my lovely people, I trust this post will be helpful for you on some level. As you might not know, I also coach people that would like to have someone to hold space while they go through all the things that conscious creators go through. If that someone’s you, email me on monique@moniquebjagroe.com to find out more.

I want to give you one more practical tip with regards to eating. Have you ever considered eating what you’re eating in instalments. Here’s what I mean, we get the portions we should eat spoon fed from an early age. I noticed however that when I eat an apple and cut it up in pieces. I don’t necessarily feel like eating all of it. I eat a couple of pieces, feel full and have energy and than later I eat a couple of more pieces until I’m full. For this you obviously need self awareness and that’s the name of the game anyway. Have fun with all of this.

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You’ve Got This.


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