Trust, the Blue Moon Diamond of Framework 2

In my recent video you heard me say that I had had a coaching session. The short version of the story is that I keep reverting to a version of myself that doesn’t trust herself with certain matters. And that whenever it looks like it’s going great, over the moon even than I do something to self sabotage.

Why did I call this post the Blue Moon Diamond of Framework 2? Well, without you trusting in YOU. Without me trusting ME, nothing great can happen. It just can’t. My energy will be contradicting exactly that, that I wish to materialise. And the Blue Moon Diamond is apparently the most expensive diamond in the material world.

Picture by Kristal NG

From dr. Maxwell Maltz we know this is based on his thermostat principle, which means that if a thermostat is programmed for a certain temperature, it will always return to that temperature, until you reprogram it.

From Seth we know that we come into this life with certain themes, or beliefs. And while a belief IS formed in the moment point, we revert back to the same way of doing and thinking because of certain neurological structures – as we know from dr Joe Dispenza.

By the way, Seth also speaks about neurological structures and how they are the cause of certain patterns.

The fact is, we are dwelling in a physical reality. And even though the larger part of us  is non physical, we still deal with certain rules of reality.

And we can overcome these rules in different ways, and one of the biggest ways is TRUSTING OURSELVES.

Seth mentions it over and over. He says, you have to trust yourselves sometimes, I suggest you start now.

Until the coaching session I knew that there were some trust issues here and there, but there was something that this coach said that made it click BIG TIME, and ever since my days have been nothing sort of magical and I will share some things with you. The reason for this post is that if you feel you are running in circles when it comes to certain topics of your life invest in a coaching session with a coach that resonates.

Because I believe in a different way of the workings of reality I went for a Law of Assumption coach. I set my intention and I picked the perfect one. And interestingly enough, while at first I thought I made a mistake. When I relaxed into it and said to myself, I don’t make any mistakes everything I do is perfect I had the most amazing and mind-blowing session with the outcome that I needed.


It is a word that is so much deeper than it seems. Trust means, to me, that I completely give over to the larger part of me. And not only surrender to it, also love it and expect it to have my back and create the creations that I desire. 

My issue before was that I felt the need to constantly but in, course correct, see something that I didn’t want, get frustrated about it | an emotion I have been addicted to in the past and am breaking the neurological-connections of | and since the session I keep repeating to myself: I trust myself, I trust my experiences.

And it’s not just the words, it’s really the feeling that comes with it as we know. It is as if everything says and feels like: Hallelujah, finally.

When I would read or hear, just surrender just surrender. I thought, yeah nice words. BUT HOW!!! It can be a very difficult thing to do until you get it. Until you get what YOUR THEME is. Everyone is unique, and everyone came here with their theme.

Everyone on the face of this earth came here to learn a lesson. To overcome that one thing | because I believe that all issues that you are having can be boiled down to one | and to find YOUR WAY of overcoming it.

The ways of others are there as a guidance, but they will never be your way, because you are a unique expression of all that is.

The Magic

What has happened since, is so lovely. I will share 4 with you:

  1. New sport buddies, 
  2. Spontaneous aura reading,
  3. Colour coordination
  4. An interview  that will be published in one of the West largest magazines,
  5. An out of the blue money flow
  1. I have moved to a new place, with a balcony, a free view and lots of light. A dream came true, too. Because the gyms are still closed here I exercise outside when the weather allows it, and I had been wishing for some new sports buddies. The other day after the coaching session, I actually planned to go somewhere else but I decided against it last minute. An important thing in all this is feeling and listening to the nudges your body gives you. My body literally pulls me to a certain direction.

I didn’t think too much about it, in fact I think I even said: I trust myself, I trust my experiences, I trust my impulses. And that very day a couple of people, a guy and a girl started talking to me how they loved my skills we hit it off and they asked for my details so we could meet up to train together. PERFECT UNFOLDING.

  1. I was training outside, and there was a lot going on, apparently a boxing hour at the place I work out.  I found a spot for me to do my hand stand training and had the “luck” that I could use the bars to do a certain exercise. I am often wondering about the colour of my aura. Just because. I have some wonderful connections in the streets with “strangers” heart felt smiles and such, so I know it must be a great colour I just didn’t know which one. After a seemingly impossible exercise a man comes to me, a bit older he looked like he stepped out of Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, started talking to me telling me how he impressed he was that I could do that exercise so steady and strong. He continues telling me that he practices Tai Chi and that he could see that I have a perfect energy line and that my aura is mostly beautiful blue with a bit of too much thinking energy around the head. PERFECT UNFOLDING.
  1. The other day I was doing my eye make-up, at the moment I really love to have a very thin and coloured line above my eyes. I decided to mix two colours, which I actually never do. Gold and Green. I started to drink a new tea, that I found in the lovelies tea shop, it’s called Kundin Cha it’s very very bitter and good for your digestion. What do you think, the colour of that tea is EXACTLY the colour I felt drawn to mix as an eyeliner …. COHERENCE
  1. I got an email from a freelance writer that I had been tipped to her by someone. She didn’t know me but if I would be interested in being in this Magazine. She told me the topic of the interview and if it would be possible that I could travel to Amsterdam for the pictures that will be shot to go with the article. I was OVER THE MOON. And of course I wanted it. The days to come there was silence. And this was the perfect moment to practice my new mantra; I trust myself, I trust my experiences, I trust my creations and not but in. Not write write with the journalist to ask if she still wanted me, not to stress into maybe she cancels. I got a message with an apology that it took so long for her to get back to me and that they would love to have me in the next number. Now the story isn’t finished. The girl I live with was going to the copy shop and I asked her if she could print something out for me. I cleaned up the USB for her so she wouldn’t have to look for the document and what do I see? A document I made for a journalist from that particular magazine. I completely forgot that I wanted to be badly in that magazine with my vegan lippies! As some of you know, I also own a vegan lip stick and lip balm brand. The wish came true!! And to finish up the story, I was tipped by a man that broke my heart | or as I know the LAW that I let break my heart in order for me to learn that what we are all learning = our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality | PERFECT UNFOLDING
  1. I desired some extra money because it looked like I had to bridge some final days of the month before money would come in. I have started saving up money daily and I don’t want to touch that money. For several reasons and one of them is that I believe that I don’t have to, because I can manage even though it might seem there is not enough at the moment. Well, the very same day I got a message from a very old friend. Placing an order and paying the same day. PERFECT UNFOLDING

I want to leave you with this. ALL OF THESE HAPPENINGS. They are probabilities. They already exist because everything exists simultaneously. Creation is finished. I choose the magical ones that have been unfolding and I have been experiencing by saying: I trust myself, I trust my creations, I trust my experiences. 

I experience them because I don’t sit around waiting for them to happen, I just go on with whatever I had planned for the day which usually involves training, coaching, writing, making a Youtube, trying out vegan recipes, having fun and making love. 

Trusting is THE thing. How you get to trusting is finding out your lesson, your limiting beliefs. And you can do that by yourself or you can get someone to help you with it.

I trust that this blog post was helpful. And I wish you the most amazing day.

Much, much love.


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