The Only Two Things You Will Ever Need

Hey everyone, nice to see you here. Sounds like clickbait for a dodgy Youtube video, doesn’t it? Or maybe not and you’re genuinely captivated by the title; The Two Things You Will Ever Need.

Well. It’s not clickbait, because for one you’re not on Youtube 😀 and second this is what it really boils down to. But first I will let you guess for yourselves and I will give you a hint. What do Obama and Trump have in common besides the obvious? What traits? Because the have them both. And they are two of the seemingly most polar opposite people EVER. Or at least to me.

picture by Drew Colins

These two things are: Confidence and Trust in Their Good. The second is not something you see easily, but it comes forth out of the 1st, it can not be any different. I added the “in their good” on purpose, because FEAR is also trust. It is trust that something really awful will happen. Trust in your good is well, trust that everything always works out for you.

If you think about it, what or better WHO do you ascribe all the things that happen in your life to? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Have you ever given it any conscious thought? Like really really. Have you ever sat down with pen and paper, turned of your phone, quite-ed your mind and thought about this question.

You know what the answer should be in theory; YOU. It’s you, Your thoughts, Your Feelings and Your beliefs. But then when you go about your day and let life happen instead of being aware from moment to moment that nothing is happening randomly but that everything is created then it changes the game of your life. It changes how you act, how you re-act, how you are being from moment to moment. Really. I will give you an example from my own life because I know both states very well; the state of knowing that I’m the cause of my reality and the state that is reacting to what I see happening.

The first State you can see as Confident and the second as a Victim to circumstances.

When I am aware, and it already starts with how I start my day and all the other little things that I have grown accustomed to doing and feeling on [dope] demand then I go about my moments confident and, walking confident, talking confident, being calm, relaxed and happy. The other side of the very same coin is well, the opposite.

I literally FEEL it in all of my being. It starts from within, my center and it literally radiates outwards, throughout my body and beyond. I feel light and I am light. The literal feeling AND the metaphor.

Moral of this story. Look at yourself. Get to know yourself and from that knowledge if you want to course correct or if you want to head in the direction you are heading. And whenever you need coaching, I offer coaching. You can reach out via

And when you feel you don’t have the funds for coaching just yet, you can get video coaching meaning you ask me a Q and I answer it via Youtube in exchange for an amount that is doable for you.

Let’s end with a quote from Seth:

** The exterior improvements are the result of inner workings, and they represent the growth of inner confidence.

a collection of Seth quotes by Lynda Madden Dahl

I trust that this blogpost helped you.

Much, much love,


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