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This is not a new post, as you might recognise. It is the first post I wrote on this blog and an important one. Although we humans – I do – tend to look for novelties and new ways of doing and looking at things, this is still possible with the same information. Or the same things. Or the same person. You look at it differently, more attentively, longer …

I sometimes forget everything that I teach in here, everything I learned and have experienced. All the magic that is mine. And then, then I panic I look for relief and I get pointed out how reality works and immediately I start to relax and have to laugh hard.

“How the eff did I get here again” lol. Well, part of the game too.

So I present to you an oldie but goodie. And also this from Seth to us: Realise that every thought is a reality that you are responsible for.

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“You are given the gift of the gods; you create your reality ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS; yours is the creative energy that makes your world; there are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.”

Seth, from The Nature of Personal Reality

That sums up what Conscious Creation is all about. We create our reality every second of every day. We are not manifesting every now and again when we really want something. We manifest all day every day. That is one of the ground rules of planet earth. Our Thoughts materialise in events. Our Thoughts materialise the versions of the people in our lifes. Our Thoughts materialise anything and everything we see.

How exactly and what we can do to create our wanted desires and step away from the unwanted I will clarify in the posts to come. And much will be a repetition, which I like personally. To hear the same information in different ways helps me understand it better.

In short Conscious Creation is about being conscious, about knowing the contents of your mind. About being able to choose and focus your thoughts, deliberately. And to know what the consequences are of both positive and negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Most of the information I share comes from the teachings of Seth by Jane Roberts, Lynda Madden Dahl and, of course, Neville Goddard. He was the first one who got me to take full responsibility for everything in my life and shortly after the teachings of Seth followed. You will see that they teach the same things they only use different wordings.

The Building Blocks of Creation

Thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The building blocks of creation. The first two we are pretty familiar with. But there is more to the last of this trio; Beliefs.

What is a Belief? A Belief is a thought we have kept thinking for so long that we don’t question it’s validity anymore. It’s just the way it is. And what is even more “interesting” with this one is that a belief keeps reinforcing itself. So unless you are aware of your thoughts and start to question their validity, it will keep reinforcing itself since you create from your beliefs.

Let me give you an easy example. I can’t trust men/women is a belief. Anyone with that belief that you will try to convince otherwise will say that it’s true. Why is it true? Because that is how reality has proven itself to be. All the men/women in their life cannot be trusted. Until you start questioning the belief and are open to experience it’s opposite.

Beliefs need to be acknowledged to be just that, a belief, and then you can start to test and play if the belief statement is really true and you can start to play around with new beliefs.

Spotting Beliefs

But, what is a belief and what is ‘really true?’ Two ways that I personally use to find this out are:

  1. If something is possible for someone else that I either know intimately or I know from the media and I don’t see it in my own world, I know that I have a belief about it.
  2. The second way I learned through Seth; we have certain rules in this reality called root assumptions. Root assumptions are things like: The sky is blue and above us, gravity keeps us from floating in the air, dogs bark, grass is green etc. Anything that is not a root assumption is a belief. Another root assumption or rule of reality is that we cannot grow back lost limbs. Just about anything else we are able to accomplish. Pretty cool, isn’t it.

By changing your beliefs, you can change your life. So much is clear.

Know Thyself

How do you change beliefs? Is there an easy way? Yes and No and Maybe. In Conscious Creation or rather with Conscious Creation it’s super important to get to know yourself.

Who are you? What do you like? Dislike? What makes your heart sing? What makes you sad? What energises you? and so on.

Find out who you are. In this way, in getting intimately familiar with yourself it’s easier to trust yourself, which is a MAJOR part of Conscious Creation.

Why? Because you are the one who materialises things from concepts, ideas, wishes etc, into being. Not a God outside of you. Not a deity. Not an angel or guardian angel. YOU. The Larger part of you. The one who is doing all the things behind the scenes. The one that can observe your thoughts.

You can call it anything you want though your greater Self, Inner Self, God, Mama Universe, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s YOU. And if You don’t know You how can you trust You?

The Moment Point and Beliefs

Another important concept of Conscious Creation is The Moment Point. Or Point of Power. Seth says that there is no set past and no future. Everything is NOW. Neville says Creation is Finished, meaning everything already exists and all we do is choose what we want to experience by our mental focus.

You recreate your past and your future by what you are thinking NOW. In this moment point. And how Lynda in her book “Ten Thousand Whispers” which I highly recommend states: When is a Belief created? In the Now moment, it can’t be any different since everything is built from NOW.

Too Much Information

A tip: Don’t try to get your head around too many of these maybe new to you concepts. Just accept them for true for now and start testing and practicing so that you are able to prove to yourself that ‘this stuff’ really works the way that I describe it with the information that is in here and the information that is to come.

The last thing on beliefs I will say for now is this;

Some very basic belief work you can do at this moment is to look at your life at this very moment. As objectively as you can and take score. You can deduct your beliefs about money, friends, relationships, family, the world in general from how you are doing in life with regards to these subjects. Since your beliefs create your personal reality.

I will clarify with two examples;

  1. You always have a surplus of money and you never stress about money at all. You have a nice house, car, and beautiful clothes. This means you have very positive beliefs about money. 
  2. You are in a loving, sexy, amazing, nourishing love relationship with the person of your dreams. This means you have wonderful and positive beliefs about romantic relationships, you trust yourself, your creations and you feel worthy of this.

And I guess you noticed that yes I deliberately chose positive examples. Because that’s what were here for, creating positive and heavenly, amazing outcomes. If these two feel like the Milky Way far away, don’t worry. That’s where the rules of Conscious Creation come in and it can be super easy, if you let it be easy.

To Summarize

To recap in different words how Conscious Creation works:

We create our personal realities, the events we encounter moment by moment, the people we have in our life and how they treat us, with how we feel about the world, our personal lifes and the people in it.

To become a deliberate creator, a Conscious Creator, one that controls their life instead of having life happening to them, we have to start close to homne and know ourselves very intimately. And not only that, we also have to trust ourselves completely.

To know that everything that happens in our own little bubble of reality is created by us. And there’s always a reason and purpose behind it. Which one is for you to know, nobody can help you figure out the meaning. You can ask yourself and you will help you when you trust that you will. And all the information on blogs like this and people like me Lynda Madden Dahl, entities like Seth and Abraham Hicks and Bashar and amazing smart metaphysical teachers like Neville Goddard share, can help you figure that out for yourself. 

So here’s to getting into a deeper understanding and an amazing life. Because It Is Possible! For You Too!!

Let’s end with a wonderful quote from Seth:

You must begin to trust yourself sometime. I suggest you do it now.


Much love,


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