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Hey everyone,

So much has been happening these last couple of days here that I completely forgot to write a new post, or actually I thought I already did.

And to be even more ahm woo woo for lack of a better term, time has been juggling itself, meaning things I thought already happened a couple of days ago show up in another order, the clock starts jumping back and forth and so on. What does this mean? This means that I’m in timelessness in the zone were the real creation happens and I’m loving it.

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Having that said, I have a repost from Reddit here. I didn’t ask for permission but since I use all the details of the original poster, I assume it’s ok that I share it. Read it a couple of times and get to work. Wishing you much love and fun reading, Monique

“I kinda stopped checking this sub for a while because it started turning into another LOA Forum. Dream Boards, Journaling, Gratitude, Affirmations, Self Love Practices, asking the „Universe“. Guys, you are overcomplicating and Neville didn‘t even teach most of these things.

Here‘s literally EVERYTHING you need to know to turn any desire into reality:

„Mastery of self-control of your thoughts and feelings is your highest achievement. However, until perfect self-control is attained, so that, in spite of appearances, you feel all that you want to feel, use sleep and prayer to aid you in realizing your desired states. These are the two gateways into the subconscious.“ -Neville Goddard (Feeling Is The Secret)

Training your attention is way more important than writing down your wishes or some sh*t. Neville also described training it like a muscle in power of awareness and gave an example:

„To aid in mastering the control of your attention, practice this exercise: Night after night, just before you drift off to sleep, strive to hold your attention on the activities of the day in reverse order. Focus your attention on the last thing you did, that is, getting in to bed, and then move it backward in time over the events until you reach the first event of the day, getting out of bed. This is no easy exercise, but just as specific exercises greatly help in developing specific muscles, this will greatly help in developing the “muscle” of your attention. Your attention must be de- veloped, con- trolled, and concentrated in order to change your concept of yourself successfully and thereby change your future. Imagination is able to do anything, but only according to the internal direction of your atten- tion. If you persist night after night, sooner or later you will awaken in yourself a centre of power and become conscious of your greater self, the real you. Attention is developed by repeated exercise or habit. Through habit an action becomes easier, and so in course of time gives rise to a facility or faculty, which can then be put to higher uses. When you attain control of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water but will launch out into the deep of life. You will walk in the assumption of the wish fulfilled as on a foundation more solid even than earth.“ -Neville Goddard (Power Of Awareness)

Prayer, falling asleep repeating your scene etc are TOOLS to give you the feeling of your fulfilled wish being natural to you. Abdullah told Neville „You are in Barbados“ so of course at night he fell asleep feeling like actually sleeping in Barbados. It‘s that easy. Just PERSIST.

Why does Neville talk about exercising your imagination? Well, wouldn‘t you feel way more natural about holding a rose in your hand if you repeated a scene over and over with such vividness as if it had the tones of reality feeling the rose, smelling it etc? Oh yes, it would actually help you ASSUME that you were HOLDING A ROSE IN YOUR HAND.

Why are you desperate? You‘re still DESIRING. Why do you feel like you NEED to do your „techniques“? You‘re still DESIRING, you are acting like being in the state of LACKING SOMETHING.

You guys are posting about your desires asking for help. Guess what, you lost already, there‘s only YOU.

„Your ideal or ambition is this conception – the first command to her, which is now to yourself, is “Go, tell no man.” That is, do not discuss your ambitions or desires with another for the other will only echo your present fears. Secrecy is the first law to be observed in realizing your desire.“ -Neville Goddard (At Your Command)

Just assume it and let everything else happen naturally. Think you can’t decide the time frame? Well, Neville actually advises you to set a time frame in his latest works.

Well, have fun doing your crazy LOA practices while just assuming would actually do the job haha.

Oh and do this exercise for me right now: Think about a sentence. Now repeat it in your head. Now LOOK at the voice repeating this sentence. That sentence is a THOUGHT and you are NOT that THOUGHT. You are the observer LOOKING at your thought. Your consciousness, the observer, is God. The I AM Meditation is just another tool to let you realize that your consciousness, that still, formless observer is god.

Now let God see the world as you would like it to be, at EVERY MOMENT because there is only NOW! That‘s the only thing you have to do.”

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