MONEY- How We Create Lack & How We Create Abundance

Hey everyone, this is a wonderful registration of how we are constantly creating our own realities. Read on for the full story.

a fine fine…

I was staying at my mum’s place in Hoorn. I hadn’t been here in ages and I was actually in Holland for a photoshoot of for the magazine Happinez which is a magical story in itself too.

I will share this story as soon as the magazine is out together with the article, so more on that at a later point.

Cristofer Jeschke

I had just received a pretty substantial amount of money as a gift, something that was very expected and unexpected at the same time. My mother always gives me some money when I see her, that’s just how she is and she loves to spoil me. And I loved to be spoiled.

Somehow something happened in me though, I started to feel fearful inside of my body and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was going on. I am very aware of all that is going on within me and I am constantly noticing, researching and redirecting.

On top of this feeling of fear I got another feeling of “Don’t do this because you know what you will create from this”. I know all to well what happens when this feeling comes up, I create a reason to feel fearful, because as you know there is first the feeling and then the happening. That’s how our reality works and there are no exceptions.

“If an annoying letter arrives and you react to it negatively, the negativity preceded the letter and caused it to materialize.”


I had the luck that I had already dealt with these kind of things before I researched them before too so I knew and I trusted that I would be able to get myself out of this at one point.

Fast forward a day or two and my dad comes home with mail for me. A letter from the justice department of finance, a fine. Huh?! Ah shit! I immediately realised what I had created THROUGH MY FEAR. Everything is now, and everything materialises now and while it might seem that it has been sent based on something that happened a week or a month ago because of the date stamp, it is NOW. The date is just a rule of our reality, don’t let it fool you.

I read the letter, I couldn’t understand any of it and I won’t lie I was really annoyed about it. Annoyed about why I created this for myself, annoyed with the person that’s supposed to take care of my mail. I was also ashamed that I had apparently been so sloppy with paying my bills.

In the meantime I had gone upstairs to my old bedroom and I was sitting there sulking when all of a sudden I had this bout of clarity. WAIT A MINUTE. I created this with my fearful feelings and I want to enjoy being here with my parents and I won’t let anything keep me from that. I will deal with this tomorrow!

So I went back downstairs felt the relief of giving myself permission to have a wonderful evening regardless of what was happening around me. My LIFE, My FEELINGS, My CHOICE. That’s what it means to have free will, the freedom to choose how I feel regardless of what is happening around me.

The next day comes around and I thought, you know what, I will just pay the fine I don’t feel like this nonsense feeling of being afraid of wasting money. Money is everywhere and I always have more than enough, which I somehow truly do.

But something in me said, just make the call to check what this is about. Well my friends, you are going to have a laugh about this. Apparently the fine was “fake”. Well the fine was real, but the reason was wrong so it wasn’t meant for me and I could rip it up.

You can imagine how I felt. Not just because I was able to rip up the fine, but that I HAD CREATED THIS. Everything is created NOW, right. So me feeling so immensely free about it, even though reason dictated me to feel otherwise …. I had changed the probabilities and now I didn’t have to pay anything anymore.

It’s all created now and the probabilities are all chosen at any time, based on how you feel and what you think in the NOW moment.

If there’s anything that I want you to take from this is, You Are Safe, You Are Taken Care of AND You create your reality, based on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Much much love,


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