What is Inspired Action

I have seen this question pop up so often and I understand the question. It is my wish for you that you get to experience inspired action for the bulk of your living time and that you know how to get into the flow.

The question usually comes from people that are new to conscious creation and have read somewhere that through inspired action the success story teller got their long wanted wish, they conclude [ logically ] OK! So I only need to get into inspired action and then I will have my wish!

picture by Mohammed Nohassi

And while that is true, there is a bit more to it.

First let me explain what Inspired Action is. It’s the action that is inspired by your Higher Self that can see the whole path from “up there” so it also knows the path of the fulfilment of your desire. So that is how coming from inspired action IS what is leading you to your desire.

It is the middle, it’s the bridge of events and you can’t think it up with your head and that you can’t force either. It’s the thing that might not make sense to your head at all, but is super sensible to your heart.

Inspired Action can’t be forced, it can only be allowed.

So when understand that Inspired Action can only be allowed, then how do you allow it? There are different ways and I’ll share 3 with you.

  1. The easiest is do what makes you happy. And while this sounds childisly simple, how many people do you know that do what makes them happy on a daily base?

Everyone does what they HAVE to do [ according to them ] and there is a time and a place for doing things that make them happy and that’s when all the work that needs to be done is finished. Well, this is the wrong way around.

2. Exercise and tire yourself out. When you exercise you create endorphines and these lucky feeling hormones get you in a state where you’re receptive of messages from your Higher Self.

3. Eat things that make you feel great, and these can also be chocolate, ice cream, pizza and what not. But!! You really have to be feeling great after feeling them. If you eat them and you first feel great and then shitty because you ate them, this tip won’t help.

You see how you think you might be doing the right things, but there is always a layer behind it. That’s why getting to know yourself so well, and how you respond to life, what your triggers are and what your limiting beliefs are. And then from that working with these so that when you make a choice to for example eat something that makes you happy, you really choose the RIGHT thing. Which can still be the chocolate and the pizza and you enjoy them to the fullest before, during and after you have eaten them.

So, I trust that this gave you a greater understanding of inspired action.

Before I leave you, how do you feel when you’re in it? And that it is inspired action? Well, first of all, you don’t question it. You just KNOW. You feel in flow, joyful, lost track of time, have no idea how you get there where you walked to, you have been doing it for hours and all of a sudden you snap back to 3d reality.

Questions are always welcome.

Sending you much much love,


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