The Old Story

Let Me Tell you one of the old Stories that I used to have. The being that another version of me was being.

Time To Tell A New Story
It’s Time To Tell A New Story

A VERSION OF ME THAT I CHOSE BEFORE. We change from moment to moment and who are being NOW can be a different version of ourselves that we chose before. So while I am familiar with this story, because a conscious part of me experienced it. There are other versions of me that have experienced something else, which explains why I don’t feel emotionally connected to that past anymore.

So having that said… let me tell you the story. 

I used to be someone that was blaming everyone else for my unhappiness. I had a lot of anger inside of me and a lot of hurt and pain. It was always someone else and something else. If it wasn’t anyone in my direct vicinity then it would be someone on tv. The media, the politicians, the government. It was everyone and everything BUT me.

And when I had it really, really bad I would be angry with God and with Life. I didn’t grow up believing in God really, but I did. And not the one that I know it to be now that I actually like to call ALL THAT IS, but the one in the sky with a long white beard looking down and punishing some and gifting other.

Why am I telling you this? Well you might find yourself a hopeless case because you get triggered by one hair that is not sitting correctly on your head. It will get you to go so completely out of your “stekker” (a dutch expression] that you can’t imagine yourself working through this and come to a place of peace and believing in yourself.

Let me tell you. YOU CAN. All you need is willingness and love. And all you need is getting back up when you fall down. All you need is trust in yourself. Love for yourself. And Patience with yourself. And then everything will be so amazingly fine. I promise you that.

What is my New Story? My New Story is that I’m a lucky girl. That I can do, be and accomplish anything I set my mind to and that live is FOR me and not against me. My New Story is that I know that I am part of ALL THAT IS and that I have the same powers as he has. I have patience with myself and others. I have love for myself and others. And I forgive myself if I do something that hurts myself or others.

That is my Old and My New Story. What are yours?

I wish you a beautiful day full of happiness, joy and amazingness.

I see you. I love you.


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