Change Your Life Experience By Embodying THAT what you wish to experience

-Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.-

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. And like vibrations attract like experiences.

Just like when there is a guitar being tuned, another guitar in the same room will start to vibrate it’s snares to the guitar being tuned.

When there are 5 women living together in a house after a couple of months their periods start to sync up. The women start to vibrate to each others frequencies.

Just like in these examples we are also embodying our current life experience. We are emanating at a frequency that determines what is being expressed in our lives. Through people, through life events, through experiences.

In other words. Our bodies are rebuilt in every second based on our dominant thoughts. [I get more into this in my book ] what is reflected in our lives is caused by the energetic signature of our bodies, or our vibrational signatures of our bodies.

If you want to know what your signature is look at your life as if you’re considering a flower arrangement. What flowers are in there? What colours, what scent, are the fresh are they old, blooming, out of bloom etc.

Then determine what you can change in your thought pattern so that you will start to vibrate differently so that you can experience something different.

It’s simple logic, but somehow we make it too complex. You don’t need to go through years of healing for this. Why not? Because everything is happening in this very moment, and your past and your future are altered from the only point there ever is: NOW.

I don’t want to get into the details of this, I can tell you more about this if you wish in a separate blog, either comment or : email me at

And so you know, this is not the figment of my personal imagination, this has been taught by masters all over the world throughout the “ages”.

So as a recap:

We are bodies that are made up of a certain vibration. We are bodies of ideas. We are bodies that attract at the frequency that we are being.

From this follows that if you first become the body of luck, when you EMBODY luck, when you vibrate at the frequency of luck that you will experience luck.

It can not be any different way.

When you become the body of love, when you vibrate at the frequency of love, when you EMBODY love than you can only experience love, it can not be any different way. It is law.

Much love and understanding and I’ll see you in the next.


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