Reframing Thoughts

picture by Sahil Pandita

Have you ever entertained the thought, that a thought that you’re having now could be a message – a thought that is send to you by a future version of you?

We know that everything is first energy and then material right? And that everything exists now. There is no future and there is no present, there is only now and we are moving through different versions of ourselves and others constantly.

That’s how you can feel completely different from day to day. And even look different. There are versions of you that are thinner, more beautiful, have more muscles, there are versions of you that are fatter, are less strong don’t look as beautiful as you also can.

There are version of the people in your life that drive you mad at times, and there are versions of them that are so wonderful and loving and exactly how you wish them to be,.

How is that possible? That is possible because everything is based on frequency, on thought on feelings and emotions?

Now sometimes you feel inspired to ditch the coffee [me] to stop drinking alcohol, or at least way less [me, too] to stop smoking [ a version of me in a far far away “past” ] start exercising lots [me too].

All of these ideas that I had, were inspired ideas. They came from inside of myself and they were always easy to undertake. Ok, maybe not super easy in the practical sense, because as you can imagine quitting coffee and quitting smoking are a hell of an exercise of willpower too. 



These were bigger than me and in that sense easy to do. Same with exercising lots, and I mean lots. I mean most people around me don’t exercise so much. This eventually turned into Yoga, which I see more as a holistic type of thing than exercise, but perhaps more on that in the future.

The point I’m making is this. We are always communicating with ourselves and we have many wishes of who we’d like to be and how we’d like to be. And that version of ourselves that we’d like to be, already exists and is communicating with us. 

We are moving to this “new” version of ourselves through inspiration. How else would we change?

If this way of thinking is very new to you, then just bare with me and the teachings and familiarise yourself with the basics. The way you think now has been at one point become “a given”.  And you know that as soon as you start to question things, you find out more of the truth.

Give yourself the gift of coming to terms with the power that you are. And the power that you have.

This is a recent video I did that helps clarify the concept of conscious creation.

Sending you much love and Wishing you a beautiful day.


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