Surrender, Stop Action and let it Come to You

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So you’re either here because you saw my post on Instagram, because you’re subscribed to my newsletter or because you found me randomly [ which actually isn’t random because nothing in life is 😀 ] .

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I proposed that for a week you don’t try to make anything happen. That you just go with what life is asking of you at the moment and those things that are wishes and desires of yours, that you let them take care of themselves.

I’m going to give you an example from my personal life to clarify what I mean by this. Because theory is nice, but what’s even nicer is to have some examples so you know how to practically implement this in your life.

I have always longed for knowing my purpose, which I guess is your wish too otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Through a series of events I have found my way to the teachings of Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein at first which led into the teachings of Bob Procter, Marie Diamond, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins and the Secret.

From there I got to Abraham Hicks, Bentinho Massaro,  Joe Dispenza, Neville and Seth [an entity channeled by Jane Roberts]  & Lynda Madden Dahl and from here on  it really clicked for me. 

I’m mentioning all these teachers because you might feel drawn to check any of these out. First we get the theoretic knowledge, and from that we will automatically feel drawn to make it experiential.

The magic that happened for me when I started to make it experiential is crazy. A couple of the “biggest” examples is me manifesting the exact amount of money I wished for [12k] after having watched the secret and being in a relationship with a specific guy and living in Australia Byron Bay / Bells Beach.

Through a series of happenings I had to do [ I am not kidding, it wasn’t a wish of mine ever … ] a Yoga Teacher Training in India. I knew I had to do it, because I recognise that voice in me. The one that doesn’t take any bs and that keeps on nagging until I give in even if it doesn’t make sense to me.

After a couple of days in the training I understood why I was led there. Even thought the training was extremely tough and I was in constant physical pain – no joke – I was also high on Yoga and I felt at home in my body for the first time since a long time. I understood that the fact that I didn’t like Yoga before, was because I had hardly ever found teachers that understood how to explain it and how to teach it and that it in fact was way harder than I judged it to be.

For me and how I tick this is exactly what draws me to it, the physical complexity, the stamina that you need and the fact that you are never done learning. 

I felt like it was my duty, really, to bring these teachings to others. To help them feel stronger, more flexible and more connected to not only their body but also to their personal energy. Because that is what Yoga provides. Through the Asana’s that are usually tough when you’re in them, but after they have squeezed you in such a way that you’re energy is able to flow unhampered again.

When I returned from India, fresh without any teaching experience I landed a job at a Yoga Studio that gave me my own hour on the Schedule. For those of you who know a bit about the Yoga teaching world, the common belief is [ and the experience from most people consequently ]  is that it’s hard to get employed by a Yoga school and that it is generally hard to get teaching gigs.

This hasn’t been my experience at all. My experience has been that it flows easy and effortlessly to me. People contact me, I don’t have to contact I just have to take action based on this contact. A couple of recent happenings: I got a message on Instagram from a woman who is opening a new Studio near my house. Turns out that one my favourite teachers turned friend and [ also student of mine ]  had tipped me. All I needed to do was respond and make a date with her so we could meet each other and work out the details.

Another example is that I was attending a yoga class in my new gym when the teacher didn’t show. I proposed the students that I could give the class but that I had to check with the reception if this was ok. I went to the reception, told them about the situation and that I could sub, that I wouldn’t do it for free though, and that was that.

One last example [ there are many more but you catch the drift …] is that one of my teachers exchanged phone numbers with me after meeting me the first time in her class and told me about a Yoga substitute WhatsApp group where a lot of teachers post messages when they’re looking for someone to take over their classes. I asked her to add me to the group and since I have substituted a couple of times to a group of wonderful people.

And every time after a class someone comes up to me to ask me about me, where I teach, what my name is or simply to give me appreciation about the class I have just taught.

So now over to you. How can you experience this too? First of all I’m pretty sure that you have already experienced it in your life but maybe never saw it as the magic and the flow that it is. Or maybe you did realise it and you think it was a coincidence and you don’t think that it is something that can happen again.

I am here to promise you, this is how life works generally. The HOW is never your job. All you need to do is watch your vibration. And you do this by being happy for no reason. By feeling good before the thing, the person, the experience you wish is in your life.

Your life is a mirror reflection of all that is happening on the insides of you. Last week I posted a video that I made that explains this further in detail. Maybe you’ve seen in already. If you haven’t here it is again:

Click Here for the video on Youtube.

I also told you in the Instagram post that I mentioned before that the only way you will not get to experience that which is meant for you and belongs to you when you have ideas and beliefs that block it from coming to you. First I want to reassure you that you can never keep it at bay forever. It will always find a way into your life at the moment that you are just so tired of trying and just simply give up because you don’t have the energy anymore to try to make it happen. This however is not such a nice road, it’s a painful one. Everything serves a purpose and also this way serves its purpose and it can also come into your life in a much nicer and easier way.

You can find out if you have opposing beliefs by feeling into your body and watching your thoughts. At the moment that I told you that you don’t have to do anything and that it will come to you. Did you feel relief or did you tense up. When you tensed, you know that there’s a counteracting believe alive inside of you.

If you felt relieve then you know that you’re on the right track. 

When you tensed up all you need to do is get yourself to feel relieve. How? You know your way, and if not find out your way. I can tell you what my way is, which might help you to find yours easier. My way is by saying things like: I trust you – talking to the greater part of me – I allow it to be easy, I’m worthy of all that I desire. Sometimes I cry when I have built up a lot of resistance and I feel stuck in the I have to make it happen. Bottom line is always that I get myself to a sense of relief and trust that life works this way.

I read articles, blog posts, I journal and I watch videos that proof that this stuff really works.

So That’s How.

This is it lovely people. I trust that this was helpful for you. Share this article with anyone who you think might benefit from it and reread for a better understanding.

See you in the next blog, Insta article or Youtube Video.

Until that time … much much love,


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