How to Let Go and Let God

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First of all, welcome to all of the new people that have found my blog. Either through the article in Happinez or through another avenue. If you’re wondering why I write in English …

Firstly: I can express myself better in this language, kind of always have, and secondly I have readers and listeners from all over the world.

In this post I would like to continue what I started last week, which is you don’t have to do anything to be able to get or experience the thing that you would like to have or experience in your life.

Well, you do have to do something of course, but it’s not what you might think. We come into this world and learn pretty quickly from our environment that we have to effort to make things happen. You have to work hard to get outside results, you have to grind, grit your teeth and bear it.

And yes, it gets you results too, for sure. But at what cost? I have a funny anecdote that illustrates this perfectly.

A couple of years ago I just started out with this conscious creation stuff. I hadn’t found the teachings of Neville Goddard and Seth yet and I joined a group on Facebook called The Big Life, led by a very charismatic guy Carl Harvey. Carls idea about life and success was go for it, go for it hard, work your ass off and he married this with metaphysical teachings.

He had convinced me that life really works this way, so at one point I got myself into an annoying situation –

You set your problems in the hope that you WILL solve them. You did not set them like millstones around your neck.

SETH by Jane Roberts

– I had missed my bus from Berlin to Amsterdam and I was in a financial squeeze already. So I brought it upon myself that I had to spend money that [ I believed ] I didn’t have and I got extremely angry with myself. From this surge of anger I said to myself; OK! I will make at least 5 times what I’ve lost because of having to buy a new ticket.

You might have guessed it, it worked! At the time I was still very focused on selling my vegan make-up and orders flowed in from unexpected sources and I did it. But the result was that I was extremely exhausted from the surge of anger, and from the energetic pushing that went on inside of me to get the result I wanted.

I decided then and there that this wasn’t worth it. If I had to exhaust myself energetically to get a result, I didn’t want it.

Lucky for me, I found the teachings of Seth and Neville and found out, that there is another pathway to Rome that suits me much better. First it’s important to know this. Whatever you believe, you will prove to be true for yourself.

If you believe you need to work hard for results, then whenever you work less hard you won’t see the results. If you want to succeed in the other way, in the way that is comfortable and easy on your energy, your body and your soul you first need to allow yourself the believe that another way is possible too.

This is from the book Living A Safe Universe from Lynda Madden Dahl who’s a Seth scholar. It’s Seth material.

I am paraphrasing here and I’m using terminology from Seth. Seth speaks about Framework 1 and Framework 2. Framework 1 is physical reality, Framework 2 is where Framework 1 is made, it’s non physical, it’s made up of thought, desires, beliefs, in both directions. So it’s as well made up of wonderful things as not so many wonderful things that are in your energy field and system. In your head, in your body. In your conscious mind and in your subconscious mind.

Everything is in there. And the not so nice things materialise because of you believing that they will happen. If only the nice things would materialise you wouldn’t understand that you are creating ALL of what’s alive inside of you.

You get the desired and happy, lovely, sexy, crazy, sexy and cool things out of Framework 2 into your Framework 1 by knowing what you want, feeling that you can have it, feeling that you already have it NOW and leaving the means up to the Universe, or God or your larger Self.

In the book Lynda quotes Seth who made an analogy using a super account. Let’s say you have a bank account where you get 1% interest and you learn about a bank account where you can receive 9%. You would take the money out of the one and put it in the other and won’t worry about how the 9% would be made. You would trust the bank and that the bank would put this interest in your account when it was time to receive the interest.

It’s the same with your desires. You withdraw then from the account where you feel you need to effort and put it into the super account where you trust the bank fully and you don’t withdraw the money.

You will not worry …. about ow the results are to be accumulated. You will trust the account.

Of course, you always have some effort to expend in Framework 1, and experience with its normal trial-and-error tactics.

You promise not to withdraw the issue from Framework 2 in the meantime:

– You withdraw the account by worrying about it.

– You withdraw the account by trying to exert more effort in Framework 1, instead of letting the account taking care of itself.

You do not watch for results.

When you concentrate upon dissatisfactions, it holds you back.

Living a Safe Universe 4 by Lynda Madden Dahl

To end with a nice illustration about how this stuff works in my own life. And how I become increasingly better at letting go and letting God and what thought and feeling processes go on within me to get from point A [= having a desire], via point A and a half [= letting go and letting God] to point B [ = experiencing and enjoying my wish in physical reality].

It has always been a wish of mine to model. I am too short though 1.63, and I don’t have size zero. I know that what naturally belongs to me will find me, if I don’t block it through disadvantageous beliefs.

I have created a number of different castings for myself literally through realising; Hey wait a minute, who is creating my reality. I AM creating my reality, I am creating the casting requests, I am creating the rejections as well as the successes. BUT ONLY the things that belong to me will be a success.

Time and time again I created a casting and was rejected over and over. Until I started to realise that the castings that I created for myself weren’t brands that I believed in, liked or whatever. The reason for me wanting to get the role was purely ego driven. And that doesn’t suit the role I gave myself this life time.

I have done modelling and up until now I got mostly paid in natura. Sometimes for money and if I’m very honest I was not very grateful for the amounts that I have received up until now [ which contains part of the challenge … ]

After completely letting go of this modelling thing and playing with this quote of Seth:

Those desires of yours, that are fitting to your nature, will automatically come to pass, unless you block them through disadvantageous beliefs. They cannot be blocked by others. If they seem to be blocked by others, that assumption is incorrect, based on ignorance.

SETH by Jane Roberts

….. I got invited by a girl who I portrayed me for a lingerie brand that uses up-cycled material to a platform she’s building with ‘real people’ as she calls it.

One of the jobs she posted was for a friend and a woman who is in a collaboration with H&M Germany and is focused on Love, Self – Love, compassion and all the good stuff that I stand for too.

They needed 2 models and obviously I wasn’t the only one that reacted to it AND I was chosen. The photographer and project owner also wrote me how she resonates with the things I post about on Instagram.

THIS my friends is the perfect example how the things that are fitting to your nature, to the thing that you came here to do will find you automatically. It also explains “you always have some effort to expend in Framework 1“.

And before I end this very detailed post I will share with you my thought processes which are mostly something to the effect of: If it belongs to me it will come, relaxing my body and feeling good. Focusing on all the things I’m grateful for and let go of the things that I created that I don’t like.

I start the day in my bed after waking up, imagining myself throwing confetti in the air and being super happy and grateful for whatever comes to mind.

I trust this post was helpful and if you would like to help someone else with Consciously Creating their lives share this article.

If you have any questions, you can email me on or comment on this post.

Much, much love and see you next week!


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