There Are Two Options In Your Life

You are either choosing the life of your dreams, or you are not. so how can you choose this for yourself? You need to know and understand and remind yourself often of the fact that the life of your dreams, is already a reality. You are always surrounded by innumerous possiblities and you are always creating or choosing. What you see and experience now was a choice. This choice was made automatically from the automatic, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you are having from moment to moment.

If you want to go about it in a strategic way than these are the steps.

  1. Drop everything and every judgement about what you think you have to do and take out pen and paper. Turn your telephone on silent and set the timer on 5 minutes. Write down what you want to experience in your life in the coming 5 years, you can divide these experiences up in love, body/health, social, finances/work. When you’re done read on.
  2. Ok great. Now unto the second thing. Set your timer on 5 minutes again. Look at what you have written down and find out what need of yours is behind this. For instance with finances/work. If you have written down, earn more or be financially free then the need behind this can be feeling secure, it might just as well be feeling fulfilled, because money allows you to experience more of life through travel, nights out, trying out new hobbies etc.
  3. Wonderful, you have learned more about yourself and what it is that you wish for of life. In this step you are going to invent one short scene that you can imagine before your inner eye that would denote that you have realised the things that you have written down in step one. Take about 8 minutes to do this.
  4. In this step I want you to take about 5 minutes again to close your eyes and feel the feelings that you wrote down in step 2. For this you need your body and a great connection with your body. When you have written down “content” in the second step, you might feel warmth spread in your chest and your upper back. If you’ve written down loved and in love you might feel warmth in your heart area and butterflies in your belly. Practice makes perfect so it’s totally ok if you don’t get it right the first time.
  5. This is optional, and I highly recommend it. You might need a bit more time for this one and it can be that this persona gets richer by the day. And I don’t mean in terms of money, even though they probably also will….. Create the state of being that goes with the version of you that already has accomplished everything that you have written down in step one. How do they walk, how do they talk. How do they eat? What do they wear? How do they groom themselves. How much time do they spent in front of the mirror. How do they treat other people? How is their voice? Step into this version once or twice a day deliberately. Perhaps you want to start out by giving them a different name, an alter ego. Like Beyonce is Sasha Fierce on stage and like actors that play a character with a different name.

Congratulations you know what it is that you want. You know how it feels and you know how it looks. Put your notes away and either later today or somewhere tomorrow review everything you have written down, and edit it if you want to. For this month daily, twice or three times a day, I wouldn’t say much more you will look at these notes and feel yourself into the feelings you have written down and imagine the scenes that you have written down.

We know that our lives are vibrational first, or we are learning that it works this way. This means that your only job ever is, knowing what you want and feeling now how it will feel then when it has become a physical reality. Or differently said, when you have moved into the version of you for whom this was already a normal reality.

You are going in one of two directions in your life. You are either creating the life that you wish to experience, or you don’t.

** A thought is action

** Every action is a termination (of what came previously).

** Each action creates a new reality.

** Action takes place within the spacious present.

I recently posted a video – with just audio – on this topic on my channel too. If you’re more of a listener OR if you love both you can listen to it here.

Much love,

And see you in the next.


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