How Chewbacca can assist you in Consciously Creating

Hey you,

Nice to see you again and I bet I made you curious. This is actually something that I have started to do and it works wonders for me. That’s why I decided to make an audio and a blog post about this.

You know that our physical reality is a mirror image of what is going on inside of us. Of what we think, feel and believe. It explains the axiom: “As Above So Below” and “As Within So Without”. Which is actually one of the 7 Hermetic Principles. If you click on these words, you will be taken to an external website.

Which explains why Seth, and other metaphysical teachers tell us that worrying is detrimental. Worrying, creates more to worry about. How? If you have the emotion of worry, you will experience something that reflects the emotion in your physical reality. If you are not aware of the fact that the event was caused by your state, you will react to it and from that reaction you will create something that reflects your reaction.

What also can happen is, that you are aware of the fact that you created the worry with your inner state in the first place, but somehow the thoughts, images and emotions within you have gained so much momentum that they seem to be doing your own thing. Causing you to get frustrated, which will cause more reasons to get frustrated. And there you created a lovely vicious circle ….

It’s easier than you think to break your state, and get you out of your hypnotism so that you can hold of the reigns once again and create happy things from your conscious, calmed down and perhaps even joyful state of mind.

Enter Chewbacca. I’ll give you two examples how you can use him. Make yourself comfortable, click play on the video and come with me.

Feel free to make up your own and even better, if you have made up something that you think would be helpful, please feel free to share it in the comments.

For the sake of completeness, I also share this quote from Seth:

Seth: “Before we continue, I would like to remind the reader that in the middle of these or any of the other problems we have been discussing, there may be a period of depression or the feeling that one’s own problem has no solution after all. Whenever this occurs, the steps I have given before should be followed.

Briefly:1. Immediately refuse to worry about the future or the past. Tell yourself you can worry another time if you want to. But, for the moment, you will not be concerned about the past or the future.

2. Remind yourself that for all you might have read or heard or deduced earlier, it is certainly not inevitable that all unfortunate situations take the darkest of tones and that, indeed, the opposite is true. For, if such were the case, the world and all of life would have literally been destroyed through disasters and calamities.

3. Concentrate upon the present moment. But more, concentrate upon the most pleasant aspects of the present moment. If that moment has distracting, unfavorable aspects, then resolutely bring into your mind whatever images delight or please you at the moment.These may be very simple. Remember the smell of lilacs, for example. Or, try to hear the crisp crunch of snow. Or, try to visualize an ocean or lake.

All of these procedures will serve to quiet your mind and body and build up your own reserves.This is an excellent policy to follow, because you can start it wherever you are. It will help alleviate fears and doubts at least momentarily, so that then you can pursue the entire issue later, with more assurance.”

1984.06.20 The Way Toward Health

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