Four Words that Will Change Your Life

I know sounds pretty big, no?

And I tell you, it is exactly these words that have been my saviours in a recent event that could’ve easily ended up in lots of panicky drama moments. And they didn’t.

I had to find a new apartment, again. And the reason was that the lady of the house and me couldn’t agree upon a price for the apartment that I was living in. Before I had been living with someone else, as kind of an emergency solution. But soon I found out it was way to small for two people. And through a series of “coincidences” I found myself living there alone.

Which was what I had been wishing for, for a long time already. How it came about was through a series of unhappy events, created by none other than me. And I could see how in hindsight – which I recommend you to always do, always find out what thoughts, feelings and beliefs have created amazing lovely events, and the opposites of them so you can really understand and grasp your creative power – I created this myself.

And spoiler, I found an apartment in an area that I would have never guessed to be living at, but always wanted to live at. And lo and behold I created it for myself.

As soon as we understand that nobody is creating anything for us, that we do this all by ourselves – in co-creation yes there’s that but it is OURSELVES calling the shots, the sooner we can take this game to the next level.

I have made a video about my recent manifestations which will go into a bit more detail. And will tell you what these four words are, too.

I wish you lots of fun, insights and love. That too.

See you in the next.


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