What / Who do you prioritise?

Hmmm, looks pretty boring this title doesn’t it. But is it boring? Perhaps, what it is for sure is the one thing that determines the success you have in your life. Let me first explain and second give you some pointers from my perspective.

Perhaps you don’t necessarily have priorities? Or they change every other day determined by what needs your attention at that moment? Perhaps you have a new beau in your life and somehow your priorities are completely guided by their agenda?

In my experience, everything that I place before me that isn’t the right thing to place before me, takes away my energy. If I place friends before me, a lover, even family, this all takes energy from me. Yes I also get energy from them, from their love and from the fun I have with them, but generally it doesn’t make up for the energy it costs me when I don’t put a couple of other things first first.

I have found out, the hard way, by failing relationships, frustrating friendships and frustrating work relationships that I did things upside down. And while we’re here learning how to consciously create our we know that the cause & effect is different than we have been taught. I explain cause & effect and how a conscious creator views this in more detail in my book, which you can buy for Kindle by clicking here, but in essence it boils down to: What you see is not caused by anything that might seem logical; It is caused by a belief that you have.

Still, you can come at this from two different ways. One is you do everything internally, and you see the world change before you INCLUDING yourself. And the other is, you actively start to change things on the outside, because you know they will lead you to the wished effect. But actually, this nudge to change things on the outside, also started from within, it can’t be any different, but let’s not make things to complicated in here …

Where am I going with this anyway? 😀 Well here. It is vital that you get your priorities straight and if you are consciously creating your best life than what do you start your day with [ and end your day with ] ? YES, with telling yourself the new story. This is what I call your relationship with GOD / The Universe / Your connection to your Higher/Inner Self.

That should ALWAYS come first. Second, the relationship with you, which is kind of covered in the first one too, and this is what do YOU enjoy? What would you like to eat, drink etc. Of course this is different when you have small children, it is not always possible to put yourself first in that case, but whatever happens the first thing should always be your connection to the something greater.

Then what comes 3rd, 4th and 5th is completely dependent on what you find important and what you want to grow in your life. If you are married your husband or wife is definitely more of a priority then when you have just started dating.

I used to do this the other way around and let the man that was so lucky to be with me be on the first or even second place. I can’t believe it now, but hey, you life and you learn right 😀

What will happen by getting your priorities straight is your life starts blooming and the people that belong in your life will stay there, the ones that don’t will leave and you will magnetise to you everyone that is a match to you. A match to the version of you that understands who’s number one : YOU and a match to the fact that your relationship with the Universe, with the creator part of you comes before anything.

And who doesn’t want to have a life filled with the perfect relationships…

And for the ones that have been paying attention, YES this is what happens, this process of prioritising and doing the perfect thing for YOU is one that comes automatically when you start to affirm that everything in your life contributes to your best life.

I trust that this post serves you and I will see you in the next.

With much, much love,


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