Stuck in a Loop?

Sometimes it feels like our lives are just not changing no matter how hard we work. I am here to give you hope that it’s easy to get out of this perceived loop AND I will also give you a way how you can get out of it.

I have made a video about this too, and in this article I give you one thing more. You can watch the video, I posted it at the end of this article.

It is NOT possible to be stuck in a loop EVER. Never, ever, ever, ever. And you know why? Because reality is new every fraction of a moment. We are moving through frames, and those frames are created freshly every time that we blink in and out of reality. And I know it sounds like you’re in a science fiction movie when you read this, and believe me it is also something to accept this.

The thing is, what do you have to lose by accepting this? Nothing! You have everything to gain, because finally you are free to start creating the movie that you have wanted to star in for about all of your life.

Ok, now you understand how you can never be stuck in a loop. So then how come you experience the same thing over and over again? Or it seems like your life isn’t changing? Your finances? Your love life? Your friendships? The relationship with your sister?

Believe me, been there done that and I own the movie rights to that movie…. It comes from …. YOU thinking the SAME thoughts and having the SAME emotions day in day out.

You are stuck in an automatic programme and that’s why you keep seeing the same things. You might see a change and then you get snapped back into the old version of your previous reality. You are running an automatic programme and you’re not aware of running it.

Step one of getting out of this loop is, know how you are thinking and feeling on a daily base. There are feelings in you that are SO normal for you that whenever you don’t feel them, when you have broken free from them for a second you create something unconsciously so that you feel that old familiar feeling again, and this is always a feeling that is “destructive” in the sense that it doesn’t serve you and there you go again experiencing the same old same old.

Next week I will go deeper into this, but for now you can already work with this. I trust that this post was helpful for you and I wish you a beautiful rest of the day!

And oh yeah, I’m working on my new book: The Truth Will Set You Free. I read a part from my book at the end of this video.

See you soon.

Much love,


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