How Are You Filling In The Space?

At any moment in time you’re thinking something. It is simply not possible NOT to think anything. Either you’re focused on your work, or something else that you love to do [ see what I did there? ] or you’re thinking something.

What are you thinking when you are aware that you’re thinking? Are you saying something like why isn’t it here yet? Or do you know what would be the better thing to say instead: I might not see it yet, but I know that it will show soon because I’m in the process of changing myself. And it’s a rule that when I change my energy, my outer experience changes too.

You already know all this, of course, and it’s something you need to understand at every single moment in time. Because if you do, you won’t let shitty thoughts run free for too long. Because you know they create shitty situations.

Here you have two must watch videos, that will help you feel supported, uplifted and in charge of your version of reality.

Sending you much love and see you in the next.

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