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This post will be the last one of this year, and I very much looking forward seeing you in the new year. With a fresh new outlook on your current reality and the life you are choosing to create for yourselves.

I released a YouTube video yesterday with a bunch of my favourite Seth quotes that have been collected by Lynda Madden Dahl.

I recommend you listen to this video multiple times so you really get what is meant by each and every quote and you can also write them down and then reword them in your own language.

In addition here’s another important thing to grasp; How Things Are Materialise.

“Your thoughts give the general outline of the reality that you physically experience. Your emotions will fill in the patterns with light. Your imagination will forge these together.”

“There is light then that you do not see with physical eyes, as there is sound that you do not hear with your ears. These combine to mentally form the physical image that you know, so you must work from the inside out. Your beliefs are your palette, using the analogy of a painting again.”

—The Nature of Personal Reality Chapter 5: Session 624, October 30, 1972

Wishing you wonderful Holidays! And of course, the video:

Much love!


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