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Hello everyone, I’m so happy you are here. First off I wish you the most Beautiful Year. A year that will have surprises that you expect and that you had never expected. A year in which you feel on point, blessed, valued, loved and most of all YOU. ALL OF YOU. In the end, in my opinion, that’s all that we need and that we came here to do. And how you feel all of you, how you feel Whole in other words is actually pretty simple.

In the next weeks, in this month of January, that will be the focus of my posts and videos on my Youtube channel. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my channel here.

As I promised, these are my nine top tips to have the most wonderful year:

  1. Know that all is created from the NOW. And treat every single moment that you are aware of this like that. The implication of this is that you are not worrying about tomorrow, or regurgitating yesterday, because you know that also the past is created from what you think now.
  2. Start your day with silence and going within. This might seem a bit strange since you just slept, which was pretty silent hopefully for you. And while that’s true, the silence I want you to go for is the one that is aware, which you do deliberately first thing in the morning. I personally do one of the guided meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza, but for you something else might work better. Like silence and just going within. The implication of this first thing morning silence is that you are in charge of how you want to start of your day, which is feeling good and centered. If you feel uncomfortable because you’re not used to sitting still in the morning, and you feel anything but comfortable these first 3o or so minutes, keep with it. This will soon change and you WILL feel amazing. That’s a promise.
  3. Set alarms throughout your day. These alarms help to remind you that your focus should be on the NOW. So whenever your alarm goes, you check in where you have been with your head, your heart, and your energy. And you bring it back to where it should be, here and now.
  4. Practice feeling good for no reason. This might be hard at first, but as you will learn happiness really is a choice. There is always something to be happy for at this very moment. Like the fact that you have eyesight to read, you have finger strength to hold a pen, that you have a roof over your head and a coffee machine to make you coffee. No matter how little, gratitude is grateful to be felt. And the best thing is, it is contagious and attractive. The more gratitude you feel, the more things you will experience to be grateful about.
  5. Remember at every moment that YOU are in charge of your reality. How life works, and that’s just something you have to believe and work with because understanding this will be a hard one, is that everyone has their own bubble of reality. And nobody has a say in this reality, unless we have them have a say in this. Which means that at any time you can change your experience and take your power back from anyone you have given it away to. And believe me, I know how difficult this can be, haha. I consider myself pretty far in these teachings already and still I fell head first into giving my power away recently to someone, until I remembered again 😀 At this point I’m creating mixed results, and I’m seeing progress yes! I know this woman and I have something to teach each other, and that ALL experiences are FOR me. Which brings me to the next point.
  6. ALL experiences are FOR you. Nothing is ever to bring you down, to make you feel shitty, to attack you. You are not cursed and nothing is pre-destined. You came here to have a certain experience and if you don’t like it you look at it, you thank it and by thanking it you take the sting out of it and you can even feel appreciation for it. And because of this appreciation that you feel, you will release it and you’re free to create something new.
  7. Love and Appreciate yourself often. Do this by saying this often, when you look in the mirror or just throughout the day. Say your name and say that you love yourself. Especially when you don’t feel too well. And also when you feel amazing. Be your own biggest fan. When you are your own greatest fan, others can’t help but feel the same about you. AND when you are your own biggest fan, it’s easy to be lovely to others too. You can be authentic and loving because you don’t need anything from them, you genuinely love and like them and appreciate them for who they are.
  8. Read or listen to something inspiring DAILY. Everyday remind yourself of what it is that you believe in. Especially with these teachings, that seem the world upside down at first, it’s important that you keep reinforcing these new teachings to be able to stay the course. It will become an automatism, and I speak from experience. And there’s still enough for me to learn to, and I’m happy to say the basics have taken root. And I wish that for everyone else too.
  9. Realise who created the experience. Whenever something happens that’s standing out remember who created it. This is with not such nice things AND also with amazing things. YOU are the creator of them. They – the experiences – didn’t come out of nowhere. They were called forth by you. By your intentions, by your beliefs, by your dominant feelings. And the more you give yourself credit for it, the more you understand it is you, you, you. You can even track back what you think caused this amazing thing to happen. It’s seriously simple. Really, really, really.

Two extra tips for you. These have to do with our physical, and very personal temporary housing of our soul. It is the body that connects us to this earth experience. So it is through taking care of it, that we will have an even more amazing experience. When the body feels happy, healthy and nourished, the mind is free to focus on what it sets out to focus. What it is that you need to eat you know, and if you don’t you can send me an email request for a blogpost on that via

  1. Take care of your body with delicious and real foods.
  2. Move your body often.

I trust you enjoyed this post and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Much love!


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