In 20-something me and a friend Wendy went on a holiday to Costa Rica. We visited acquaintances who had bought the most beautiful piece of land with a group of friends in Punta Banco. They had a gardener working for them who had a couple of horses and he offered island rides to their guests to make an extra living.

I LOVE horseback riding and had a care-pony [ it wasn’t mine, but I was taking care of it, his name was Kelly ] and I almost begged my friend to go. She was like: Hell no! I don’t want to!! EVER!!

I kept on pushing though, but she was so determined that I finally let it go. And boy was I happy that she didn’t come…..

This ride was one of the scariest rides of my existence! LOL. At one point we [ me and my guide ] were riding on a crazy narrow path that had on one side (the right) a huge mountain-wall and the other side … the left side … the deepest RAVINE I had ever seen.

Fuck Shit Fuck……

I got SO frightened when I saw it and immediately I knew, I had to let go of the reins. The horse was in familiar territory and I had no clue, how or what.

So I sat back, relaxed as much as was humanly possible at that moment (also because tensing up would make me as stiff as a board and that would surely and literally cause me to fall off the horse).

I just sat and bounced in the saddle with every step the horse took and breathed deeply with every move of this amazing animal.

I survived, obviously :-D, and I will never ever forget this life lesson AND see what beauty it taught me.:1. don’t push friends 😀 and 2. trust your higher Self & your Life, it knows better than the best how to keep you safe.

Every time when you think you are stuck between a rock wall and a ravine I wish you’ll think of this story and give over to life, give over to your higher Self. She/He knows best. All you need to do is trust.

Much love.

And ps, you can’t see it on the picture but that was REALLY high up the mountain. 😀

Me and Canela in Costa Rica

Have a blessed one.


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