I Looooooooove Easy, I seriously think I invented it.

When you feel down and out, especially as a Conscious Creator, you tend to panic [ I know I did ] . Because you know that whatever you feel right now will create your next now.

Which doesn’t really help shifting your already crappy mood, because you’re worried you’re putting crap on top of crap. Oh boy…

What you need to know too, though, is that you create from moment to moment so even if you have been feeling crap all month…… it only takes one slight and moment of feeling good & relieved intensely to turn EVERYTHING back round. It’s seriously that easy. I promise, because I KNOW from experience.

So that’s one.

The other thing that will help you in an instant is this:

Close your eyes, wherever you are that you can safely do so. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a train, or in a supermarket, who cares you create what other people think about you anyway. So close your eyes and imagine yourself filling up with light. Start from the heart center, imagine light there and see this light expand in all directions throughout your body. Imagine the light being super sparkly and bright, this beautiful, radiant, shiny light. 

That’s It. Even if you should be waiting for that amazing intense bliss feeling and you don’t feel it right away, leave it, you will feel rejuvenated, energised and back to your old true self.

How is that? Because WE ARE LIGHT. That’s what we’re literally made of. And Imagination creates. The word Imagination just has gotten tainted over the years, but that’s changing again. And you’re one of the people that’s helping change that.

So my love, thank you for being here, thank you for reading this, thank you for putting in the work. Thank you, for you.

Much love,


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