“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – EINSTEIN

Hey lovelies, I’ll put in this story, everything I believe is relevant for you to know. Use from it what you want for your own understanding, because all of us learn differently.

Even though I believe in simultaneous time [ the opposite of linear time ] I’ll tell the story in a linear fashion, because for now it’s the only way to make it understandable.

A couple of weeks ago all of a sudden I woke up with the word Loka in my head. And I started to think of all the words that I know with the word Loka.

I know of a Yoga studio in Berlin called Lokahi Loft, There’s a girl called Cristine Loka that interviewed me a while ago for her female entrepreneur magazine when I was at the beginning of my Fra Lippo Lippie journey, Shivaloka a jewellery brand. The word appearing in Sanskrit sentence some Yoga teachers use to close their teaching: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, which means may all beings be happy and free.

I wondered why the word showed up, because I know in the meantime that nothing, absolutely nothing is random in our lives.

I looked up the meaning of the word, it means World. And I left it at that.

I work part-time at the front desk of a Yoga Studio where I teach too, and we sell things there like foods and beautiful wanna haves like Yoga clothes, incense and jewellery of the brand Shivaloka.

It is beautiful and I found it overpriced if I’m really honest. They have real silver and gold plated things. One neckless in particular had my interest, and I found myself often staring at it mesmerised by it’s beauty, last time being last week. However …not mesmerised enough to want to  buy it although it crossed my mind a couple of times. 

Yesterday I had a shift at the Yoga Studio and one of the owners came in. Before I had my shift I had been reading little bits and pieces of one of my Lynda books and a couple of things on yesterday’s screen of the mind via her book were these teachings; 

Your Inner Self will never create an event out of thin air.- Implication: If you experience an event, positive or negative, you had to have its framework already highlighted through your thoughts and emotions. 

The other thing that my Inner Self apparently wanted me to focus on, because I opened the book on that page second and my eye fell on it, was the phrase: Rich People are Greedy. 

This is one of the negative beliefs in the list of money beliefs. I instantly wondered, hmm do I really believe this and want to believe this? No I don’t. So I instantly told myself: No! Greediness has nothing to do with money. It’s a personality trait. Money only amplifies someone’s character. And that’s was that. 

Back to the work floor. One of the owners came in and I really like her. She is very wealthy and she had fleetingly crossed my mind when I read the rich people are greedy. Not because she’s greedy, not at all, but because she’s rich.

I was at the front she and her good friend, with whom I had a shift were at the back and back at the front and all of a sudden she says; ‘Girls! Which of the jewellery of Shivaloka would you like to have?  I’m feeling very generous today, you can pick anything you want.’


I was OVER the moon. And I picked THE neckless. Yes, Yes, Yes!! All of a sudden it made sense that the word Loka had popped into my head too. 

Of course, I have been going over it in my head what I believe has made this manifestation and the other ones that have been happening in rapid tempo lately, pop into my reality so quickly.

And this is the explanation I have for it. I have been doing a heart -mind coherence meditation almost daily. Either by myself or in the Yoga classes I teach. In this meditation you fill yourself up with light through your heart centre and you expand light from your heart centre. 

Another thing what I believe contributes to my manifestations is that I’m living my truth, I’m doing things that don’t make ‘sense’ at all like quitting my part time job without having anything else but my deep seated trust in my Whole Self, buying a 3-month ticket to New Zealand without having financial security yet to be able to make it through these months and enrolling in a quite high priced coaching program with the extra money I made that I could use very well in New Zealand but instead decided to put it to use to set up my own coaching program. You could say I’m turning my shoulds into musts :-D.

All of which I will be sharing more about in the weeks to come, of course….

I want to share with you a story as told by Neville Goddard that I read in his reader that feels related; 

A woman that regularly comes to his talks has seen a hat at an expensive hat shop that she really wanted. She decided to put his teachings to the test and imagined herself with the hat on. I don’t remember how much later it was but a wealthy friend of her bought this hat and didn’t like it. She was actually surprised by herself that she bought it because it wasn’t her style, and she decided to gift it to her.

She wondered about why she manifested the hat directly and not the money to buy it, to which Neville answered: If you would have manifested the money, you would have used it to do other things with it like pay the rent and you would not have used it for your wish….

I will leave you today with this. One of my focuses of the coming time is this: Helping others that are ready to create more magic in their lives. Coaching the ones that are ready into having the guts to taking the first steps into following their wildest dreams AND making a great living with it.

The neckless has a name and is called Vikasati and all of their jewellery is blessed and activated. This neckless in particular stands for: empowering the process of transformation through all of its stages, helping you to manifest the fruits of your deepest desire. They say to wear the mala as a tool to create the life you love, receiving the energetic support to stay true to your authentic self while becoming a better, more divine version of you in the process. 

If you’d like to see the Neckless in full effect on the Shivaloka website.

And here she is around my neck and on my wonderful body.

Me and the Necklace at Murrays Bay in Auckland New Zealand

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