Hey everyone, 

I have Super Amazing news, that I will come to in a bit, first I want to share this with you;

You know that we are creating our realties through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You have already deduced that from some experiences in your life, you have reverse engineered major experiences in your life, and you have consciously created some pretty cool things.

You know that:

“You are learning how to transform an imaginative realm of probabilities into a physically experienced world.” – SETH

So you also know that it is not the food, nor the exercising neither the dieting that will get you from A to B, not happy in your skin now to feeling very sexy and happy in your body. It’s your attitude towards your body, foods and exercising. It is your beliefs. It is your ideas.

How you see yourself is how you tell other people, through telepathy because that’s the first means of communication, how they will see you and vice versa.

So now over to the announcement…..

For as long as I can remember and for everyone who knows me this is nothing new  … I’ve been kinda, sorta, pretty much for as long as I can remember obsessed with how I can look and feel the best in my body.

As you know if you have been following me a bit longer is that I ADORE all things metaphysical and I have created some pretty cool successes for myself in the mean time that keep piling up and I could actually write another book about it. 

But. And. Somehow I never used these teachings to maintain my ideal body weight. Up until recently. I did know that it wanted something from me …. Because ever since I did the interview with Patricia Bisch a couple of “years” ago I have been people that have been writing me to know how I got into my ideal body through my own method. 

Recently, when I had already started working on my coaching program, because YES I’m designing a 3 month coaching program and I was still deciding on the topic of the program I received another email asking about the method I used at that time that I knew that THIS was the thing that would allow me to make a real difference in people’s lives and contribute to earth’s enlightenment.

Sounds ambitious hey lol, but I believe that’s what we’re all here for and we are doing it in our own ways. Not everyone is a blogger and or YouTuber. And the number of people that you need to reach can be as many as one to make a difference.

Back to my story. The moment the last person messaged me with this question I knew it; THIS IS IT!! Body has been one of my focuses since forever I can remember. Eating, not eating, eating different, exercising like crazy, not exercising and all the combinations of those you can imagine I did just to feel and look great in my meat suit ;-D

Soooo. If you are interested too in Having Your Cake And Eating It Too and want to know when my beta program of 6 weeks will be ready to be tested [ I need a couple of trial clients for this that will get the program at a reduced price to give me feedback and will help me create the best program EVER ;-D ]  then stay tuned.

Only people that have a basic understanding of the teachings that I share are potential clients. I might make another program with the basics at another point, but for now the focus will be something different.

I am SO excited about this. And of course you will learn MUCH more than only consciously creating your body weight and your form, you will learn how to direct your energy in the right direction and create the life beyond your wildest dreams, while having the physique you always dreamt of, earning the money you always wanted, and experiencing everything you had never thought you would be able to experience. 

The link to the interview with Patricia Bisch if you are interested.

With SO much love!


image by brooke lark

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