For as long as I remember I was a rebel. Regeling against rules, authority and the ones that told others what to do without giving good explanations.
It’s only after I was wise enough to accept myself and found out that I wasn’t the only one that would choose freedom even if it felt like dying at time that I’m what they call “A Free Spirit.” And even though I’m not one that likes boxes, if I have to fit in any of them I gladly take that one.

Because I do I LOVE to play, and I do it, a lot. I LOVE to reinvent myself and I do, often, I LOVE learning and exploring new ideas, new ways of being. And I LOVE learning and teaching everything that has proven to be extremely valuable to my progress.

It was around February of 2021 I received an email from one of the freelance authors of the Dutch Magazine Happinez, she had been ripped to contact me because I fit the description of Free Spirit.

She asked me if I recognise myself in this description and I told her I did. What I didn’t tell her that at that very time I was in dire need of my own advice.
When the interview came out a couple of months later and I read it, I had to cry I felt like such a fraud. Where was this woman that I had been so proud of becoming, what happened to her? Why had I chosen to become a version of me that was so fearful to take the next leap? Why I had I become the version of me that had no clue where she was going? And that felt stuck, like the time I felt stuck in my secure life.

Now I understand it was a necessary part of the process. You see we don’t grow in a linear fashion, we grow in a circular fashion, just like the insides of an aboloni shell or the fibonacci scale. every time when you think you’ve landed back into that State or situation that you’re familiar with and really don’t like, it looks like you’re on the same level but you are a step further.

Of course it wasn’t a mistake I was interviewed for the Happinez, even if I sometimes forget my divinity, Life never does.And to make matters even more amazing, I found an old wish of mine of about 5 years prior that I wanted to be in the Happinez, inspiring people even if I had no idea whatsoever with what and how that ever could happen haha. I completely forgot about it, until I found “proof” on an old USB.

And just like with everything we desire.. through a bridge of incidences I found my inspiration again, my goal and about a month after I enrolled in an online coachings program to make one of my biggest dreams a reality. And even if it really felt so far far away from me, and I couldn’t see how, I KNOW I owed it to myself, to Life to go for it. This dream of mine. I don’t want to be one of these people that says on her death bed; I wish I had …

“Coincidentally” I rekindled with a sister from another mister who I met in Australia and now lives in Barbados. And for those of you who know the teachings of Neville Goddard, Barbados is a synonim for the axiom ‘Imagination creates Reality’. I did an interview with her on my Youtube that you can see here if you’re in need of some inspiration.

And slowly but surely I stepped into Her again. The version of me I like being most.
The one that feels the fear and does it anyway.
And now about year later I have taken taken two of my boldest decisions to date. And preferred magic has been unfolding ever since. Yes I say preferred, because how life is created is magical. But sometimes we create not such nice things from our default state. You can check out the Free Blueprint exercise here to figure out how you create by default.

How I mustered up the courage to take this bold decisions are stories that will unfold themselves over time and that I will of course share as this is the information that will help you create the life of your dreams too.

Our most magical life experiences are created by going outside of our comfort zone, again and again, they are created when we feel the fears and we do it anyway.

See you in the next.

Much much much love,


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