This is a question that puzzled me for a long time. And because I want to understand everything, it helps me Consciously Create better AND it helps me help my current and future clients better.

What I never asked from you, and what I am asking from you now is that whenever you read something that is helpful for you, send it through to someone else that you love. The more of us understand how life works, the more greatness we can create all together.

So how is it materialised? Maybe you say, well through my thoughts, feelings and beliefs, isn’t that what you keep hammering on Monique.

And yes! That’s part of it, but how it is moving into your physical reality, the highway it uses is Your Nervous System and your Senses.

I will share more about this as it comes to me, this is is what I have for you now.

Whenever a “past” event has happened -everything is now so in fact there’s is no past – it has pulled on your nervous system. And it has become a memory in the nervous system.

A future event goes to quick for your nervous system to “catch” it. And that’s is why if you use your inner senses to experience something over and over again, it will materialise in the flesh. How and why? Because you have trained/primed your nervous system to experience it.

It is like a path, if you keep walking the same path over and over again it turns into an actual path. And it’s the same with the nervous system.

AND in the same way you can have recurring annoying themes in your life disappear. When you stop reacting to a certain situation, the nervous system gets un-primed. Not sure if that’s a word, but you know what I mean. The connection dies.

It’s what Neville refers to as pruning. You stop watering this plant and the plant dies.

So practically; Feel more of what you want to experience and stop feeling the feelings you don’t want. And it’s easier said than done at times AND it is possible!

And moreover, YOU DESERVE to have an amazing life you wonderful being.

If you’re ready to go to the next step, then contact me I would be honoured to have you in my Program: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway where I help you remember who you are, the power you have and how you can create the most amazing life for yourself, ever.

With SO much love,


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