Well, by know you know how I believe our life to be arranged, and that is that everything is happening simultaneously. Even if that is so, which it is :-D, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff to clean up.

And the BEST thing we can clean up, if anything, is our inner child drama. I love how this lady once said on her Instagram: When you’re hysterical, it’s historical.

And because it’s almost Christmas … ok not really, but in the grand scheme of things it actually is already Christmas … I have something for you.

This is an exercise that is part of my curriculum for my program: “Hello Freedom, Goodbye Fear” where I coach women into quitting their jobs and living the life of their dreams.

This part is the introduction into the work and you can click the link that is mentioned to request access to the Google Document and start working through that stuff.

  1. Understanding You 

Inner Child Work

Inner child work is an approach to recognizing that our childhood, even though our parents really did the best they could with what they knew at the time, has left us with some automatic behaviours that are not always beneficial.

Our adult behavior, comes from childhood experiences like this phrase that explains this dynamic so clearly;: 

-> when you’re hysterical, it’s historical <- 

With Inner Child Work, you focus on addressing unmet needs by reparenting yourself. You give the little you what it needs when it starts acting up, which is usually really just being with it, holding it, loving it and accepting it FULLY, warts and all. And when that part of you feels OK, no matter what’s going on, no matter if it’s throwing a temper tantrum or not, it will calm down instantly and you’ll be able to move forward again. 

All we need from ourselves is unconditional love, compassion, and support. And when we’re able to give that to ourselves.

A beautiful quote I got from one of my own coachings programs:

“ As we have been treated as children, is how we will treat ourselves during the rest of our own lifes.” 

  • Alice Miller

And I want to add to this; if we don’t do the inner child work, that our inner mini-me is so longing for. 

Use this document to discover some of the patterns and behaviors of yourself, that are informed by your inner child. While the situations are more “grown up” your reaction might still be that of your inner child. How can you distinguish this? Well, as soon as you’re getting emotional about something, it’s probably coming from your inner mini-me. 

Remember; when you get hysterical, it’s historical ;-D 

You’re welcome.

Much, much love!


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