This is a trick question. And the answer depends on where you are in your life. It might be:

  • job title
  • a certain amount of money
  • a marriage with THE one
  • a house at the beach in Byron Bay
  • thousands of Instagram followers
  • a successful coaching business

Maybe it is even all of the above. Hey, and you know, there is NO judgement about any of that. What I want to accomplish with this post is that you understand what it ACTUALLY is that you are desiring. So I will give you an alternative for what it is that you are actually craving AND how you can accomplish it, because after all we are here to learn how to consciously create our reality. Right? ;-D

  • job title => respect, feeling smart, regard, feeling worthy
  • money => freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it, feeling worthy of everything that you wish to experience
  • a marriage with THE one => feeling loved, feeling worthy of a mind-blowing and deep love, feeling like you’re special, that you matter
  • a house at the beach in Byron Bay => feeling worthy, regard, freedom
  • thousands of Instagram followers = > respect, regard, what you say matters
  • a successful coaching business => what you do matters, a sense of accomplishment, contentment

The answers behind the answer might be different for you, just write it all out for yourself and find out if there’s a common denominator, a feeling state that catches all the birds in one.

Because you know that our Thoughts, Our Feelings and Our Beliefs create. So if there is any of the above things, or any other things that you’re looking to experience [more of] then you can get there by ACTIVELY thinking and feeling what it is that these things will cause you to think and feel when you have them.

How? Imagination, smiling to yourself for no reason at all then the fact that YOU are here, colouring and beautifying planet earth with your being.

Seeing yourself living THERE, seeing yourself kissing HIM/HER, feeling yourself having had amazing successes with CLIENTS, hearing them say how amazingly happy they are with the results they’ve accomplished.

That’s how you get there.

It’s really not that hard. And it should never be forcing or working. It should feel as if you’re holding a butterfly in your hand. You allow it to sit on the palm of your hand and you’re ok with it either sitting there, or it flying away.

THAT’s how you do it.

To answer the question that I started this post with, I think the Highest You can Achieve is to be ALL THAT YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

And if you’re ready to go deeper, to really get there where it is that you want to be, then you can get in touch with me to find out more about my program: HELLO FREEDOM, GOODBYE FEAR.

I would be truly honoured to guide you.

Before I leave you to it, I want to share this amazing Ted Talk with you. It is held by a woman called Blu. And I don’t want to give too much away. You know that I only share amazing stuff, so please gift yourself these minutes to inspire yourself.

With much love and either see you in my inbox, or in the next.

With SO much love


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